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    chr-2This user is an intermediate constraint handling rules programmer.
    pro-2This user is an intermediate Prolog programmer.
    EBNF-1This user is an intermediate EBNF programmer.
    Futhark-1This user is a beginning Futhark programmer.
    SMT-LIB-1This user is an beginning SMT-LIB programmer.
    Rebol-1This user is a beginning Rebol programmer.
    ACE-1This user is an beginning Attempto Controlled English programmer.
    GLSL-1This user is an beginning GLSL programmer.

    My current to-do list[edit]

    Templates to improve[edit]

    These templates should use Module:World topic, if possible.

    Templates in Category:Country year navigational boxes have many manually-written lists of years; these lists should be generated by a template, if possible.

    Redirect pages to create[edit]