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Hello. I am a composer (, IMSLP), so most of the time I edit articles dealing with music. Early music (especially keyboard music written before 1700) and a few branches of contemporary music (John Cage, Howard Skempton) are favorite subjects. See User:Jashiin/contribs for a list of articles I created or significantly contributed to.

With my work on early music articles I hope to make this repertoire at least a little bit more familiar to the general public. I believe that it is a crime that brilliant composers such as Johann Jakob Froberger and Josquin des Prez are so much less known than Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven; or that organ music is usually expected to sound like JS Bach and not like, for example, André Raison or Johann Pachelbel (whose keyboard chaconnes are in no way inferior to the famous Canon in D). My work on contemporary music articles serves more or less the same purpose.

I am a cross between a WikiDragon (which means I contribute primarily by creating new articles, expanding existing articles considerably, creating images, etc.) and a WikiOgre (which means that I don't always work here with the same intensity).

I am a member of WikiProject PipeOrgan, WikiProject Composers, WikiProject Classical music and WikiProject Contemporary music.

Current projects[edit]

  • Johann Pachelbel (needs a rewrite, and some of the material should be moved to a separate article about his works)
  • Dieterich Buxtehude, Iannis Xenakis (massive rewrites required)
  • Improve coverage of Robert Sheckley (nothing massive possible due to lack of sources, but just clean stuff up, add book covers, templates... - 1 short story collection done, to do: other collections, a template, etc.)
  • Antonio de Cabezón - massive rewrite & expansion required


I'm pretty sure Pachelbel and the whole crowd would have given you one, so here goes!

With thanks,

Trisdee 17:41, 17 February 2006 (UTC)

If you didn't just get a barnstar, I would have given you one for Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach. Good job!! Oscar 02:53, 18 April 2006 (UTC)