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I'm Jason A. Quest. I'm a writer and illustrator, and I play with technology.

I am the admin of, a web site about Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie, and related subjects. Much of the "foundation" information on which the site is built is gratefully derived from Wikipedia, and I feed information and materials back to Wikipedia from it, as appropriate.

My fault[edit]

I created the initial versions of the following articles (a few painfully translated from other-language Wikipedias). Some of them probably would've been created eventually without me, and some of them now consist mostly of other editors' work, but I probably deserve much of the blame for them.

Wikiproject (Queer) Comix[edit]

I've noticed a few missing/deficient articles about LGBTQ cartoonists and related topics, so I'm slowly working on addressing that.

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