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Jason Earl Richert (born August 4, 1978), also known as Jasonova, is an American adventurer, theoretical physicist, aspiring entrepreneur, and self-award winning actor. He had once become so famous amongst his peers for his often complicated and elaborate affairs with beautiful women that his friends began to refer to him as Jasonova, after the most famous ladies man of all time, Giacomo Casanova.

Jasonova was born in a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana, and he spent the majority of his adolescent years in a neighboring town. It was not until Jasonova arrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and attended Louisiana State University, did he become fully aware and begin to appreciate his gift. During this time and well after was he able to perfect and teach his craft to others. Intelligent, charming, and cunning, Jasonova could survive on his wits or his money (when he had any) with equal success. The beautiful women that were fortunate enough to cross his path were at his mercy for more than one reason, and the men coveted his secret knowledge of the occult and alchemy.

Jasonova still resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and he works in New Orleans for a prominent businessman and hopes to duplicate his mentor’s success someday. He currently has three extraordinarily beautiful and intelligent children. He has been married and divorced only once, but he is always working on the second. He is also a Freemason and a proud member of the Pimp Corps.