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About me
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My Brief Q&A[edit]

Who Am I?[edit]

My name is Jason and I decided to jump on wiki around 2008 as a registered user.

I walked away from wiki as an editor sometime in the summer of 2010 because of a few self-important editors who chose to delete instead of improve. From what I understand about wikipedia, this place is about information and not about what greedy editors think is important, relevant, etc. Although these editors remain at large and are still posting, I'll continue to do my best to help wikipedia by adding new pages, making corrections, etc.

Editor status[edit]

semi-retired. Still correcting, still adding pages.

This is a thankless job made even more thankless because of a few editors, but I plan on sticking around.

Your wiki skills suck. Go away[edit]

Whatever. I'm adding material, and you're busy sitting back complaining. Do your part and add some pages instead of being some self-important jerk who gets off on deleting material.

Thanks for your work, Jason. I agree that there are too many Wiki-Nazi's around here, nowdays.[edit]