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Name:Jason Yanes[edit]

Jason Yanes hello Miss.Croke, i wanted to tell you that i forgot to mention if i can take geometry and although i'll be taking another math class geometry shouldn't be much of an issue for me i just need to relearn the stuff. And i gave it a lot of thought and i decided i wanna take microeconomics despite the fact that it does involve math, but i have some freinds who are also taking it next year so i'm sure i'd get help, so if there was anyway i could still take the class i would really appreciate it. so im guassing this is how my classes are gonna be and i may have lunch every other day. If i need more room that i'll be willing to sacrifice astronomy and phylosphy. And thank you again 1.Drawing and Painting 2.Theatre Arts A&B 3.MIcro/P.I.G.S 4.Astonomy/Phylasophy 5.Geomatry 6.Algebra Trigenometry 2 7.A or B Support/Chemistry 8.Chemistry 9. A or B Gym/Lunch


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   The French Revolution is known by many as a great turning point in all of Europe, and how it effeced the rest of the world. However it first began 

in the country of France durring the mid to late 1780's. And that time they had a king that would have absolute power in governemnt, wich meant that

he had full control over his country. And the King that had control over france durring that time was king Louis XVI. Although it was his responsibility

to take care and lead his country in the right direction, he chose instead to abuse his absolute powers for his own selfish and greedy reasons, that

would later prove to be his own downfall durring the revolution.

        Although the people of France were mistreated for a long generation by many past kings, King Louis the XVI became the most despiced of them 

all. This was shown by how they were unfairly treated even though the majoriy of the peaple were the peasents, yet they had no rights or say in

government. And the third estate wich included the peasents were the only ones who were supposed give taxes to the higher classes, such as the

nobles, the clergy, but most starving, and in poverty, and with no voice in government they could do nothing to complain about all the issues that they are facing in their own

nation. And evintually with france bankrupt and the people unsatyisfied it leads to a large and growing revolt against the king in an atempt to repair the

damage that he has done. Origenaly at first the people of france wanted to resolve all problems with france peacefully, but the king refused in allowing

them to fix the issues. But evan with the kings attempts to bring an end to it, the third estate with some nobles created the tennis court oath, wich was a

new written constitution. And in the nationall assembally was created to help assist in resolving all the issues with much of france. although despite

their best efforts it failed and soon a conflict broke out at the bastille where many peaple of the third estate attacked this millitary storage facility to

steal weapons to help in the revolution and to also weaken the kings forces. And after this great victory for the revolutionist it also inspired many other

french people to also stand up for themselves and take action, such as the womens march at Versailles, who protested for better rights, and equality.

As a result of that constant growth and want for freedom, liberty, and equally pretty much most of france ganged up against the king and his wife

Marie Anttuenette that they tried to flee the country in an attempt to to be rescued by their allies the prussians and the austrians who would then help 

them regain absolute power over this troubled country. But they were captured, put on trial for their unjustice deeds and how they had ruined their

nation, and they were found guilty and beheaded by the gullitine, and with their leaders now dead this marked the begining of a new era for france.

              However although now that what once troubled them are now gone for good, it didn't mean that france could now move on and forget about 

this experiance. Because now a new challenge had appeared, because now they had to find a new leader who was suitable for the position as the new

and fair leader of france that would actually put their country first before themselves. And thus the committee of public safety was created to help

protect and help recover france from its ordeal. However this good plan would take a turn for the worst, because after the committee of public safety

was created it would also be known as the reighn of terrorr. And this would lead to the death of over 40,000 people, some were executed just on mere

speculation of a traitor to the revolution. And the man responcible for this large scale massicre is Maximilien Robespierre, but as soon as his former

companions became aware that they would also become next to be eliminated by him they had him trialed and found guilty and exicuted. So after a

second corrupted leader had been exicuted the people of france had no where to turn to until they met Napoleon. And Napoleon Bonaparte would

make a big change for France, by taking control of all of mainland Europe. and become known as one of the greatest military leaders in history. But his

powerful reighn wouldn't last forever. But one of the few countires he had not controlled was England, and Napolean did have the worlds strongest

army he did not have a strong navy to go over and attack the large island of England. So instead he used a blockade to keep any goods from getting in

and out of england, but the idea backfired because many countries dependent on the advanced technologies, and resources that england had, and

were upset with Napoleans dessition. As a result russia seperated from France, and to try and win back russia napolean went with his large army to

force russia to rejoin them. But that plan had also failed because russia was a very long distance from france so the soldiers would get tired and hungry

on the way, but they were most devastated by the weather because russia can reach very low temperatures in winter causing hyperthermia and illness

to the soldiers who settled in the open. And when the surviving armies of Napolean finally got to a city they would find it only to be abondened, and

with nothing left of it, this was because of russias scorched earth policy, wich was to leave and hide your city and leave everything burnt so that the

soldiers have nothing to live off of. And when Napolean finally decided to retreat back to france with 90,000 deaths in total. And with Napoleans army

now weakened many other countries took advantage of this oppertunaty to withdraw from Fance, and become independent once more. And Napolean

would later be sent to be inprisoned on the island of St.Hellena far in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. And to prevent france from ever taking over any

other land all the countries around it would be enlarged so that it wouldn't be powerfil enough to do so.

             As a result france had fixed its original problems, so that the people may be satisfied and they wouldn't revolt, although they didn't accomplish 

equility since the status's still existed after the revolution. But it was the want and need of liberty, freedom, and equilaty that forced to wanna revolt in

the first place. And France's revolution along with the american revolution has inspired many other countries to also fight for that they desire. And if it

were not for the inspiration given off by the french revolution, some countires may not be here today.

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