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Novo is a name of the brand of products made by Jasper Geli.

Novo is a brand name that is proposed by Jasper in the future which manufactures products about Jasper's interests, but more into biology, particularly keeping organisms like vivarium keeping, that possess great features that make a better hobby for the users.

Jasper said that his products should be both beautiful and functional, as well as easy to use and enjoyable. He also said that all of his work isn't always final, because there's never a final, but his products are always readily available and don't close during a sale while modifying. The smart features should be extremely and carefully well-thought and planned and designed to give the best service and the best satisfaction or pleasure for the users. The product also shows a whole lot of brief explanations to its features to give the people ideas.

Novo only uses the SI base units or metric system, as well as Celsius, for measurement.

I would consider what can Novo be classified as a whole because anything is possible for us, we can manufacture anything, we can change, we can invent anything, we can coin words, etc.


The symbol of Novo is the colors of red, green, and blue are equally radiated the circle (in any order), like a pie. The circle attempts a 50:50 chance to rotate to either left or right every second, the circle will continue its rotation instead if the outcome the same.


Novo is packed full of smart features that make it great.
Novo is packed full of smart features that make the vivarium keeping great.
Enjoy it with Novo!
Enjoy the vivarium keeping with Novo!
Anything can change for the better.
There's no official in my works, but I'll show what I have.


Novo's products are about Jasper's insterests but more about keeping life, actually, a vivarium, which means, "a place of life".


Novo is from the same word that comes from the Latin language which means new. "Neo" as well as "Novus" and "Nova" came up first in Jasper's mind before Novo, these words have just exactly the same meaning as Novo; "neo" is from the Greek word and the Latin words; "novus" is the male form of "novo"; "nova" is the female form of "novo"; while "novo" itself is a neuter. The first thing that came up in his mind is the word "new", then he will just want it to translate into either Greek or Latin to make it special. He loves Greek and Latin words.


Jasper strongly and strictly prohibits anyone to copy and make use of the "Novo" brand name.