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Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not be able to access internet for the foreseeable future. Hence I will not be active on Wikipedia
This user is no longer very active on Wikipedia.

In this Indian name, the name "Madharasan" is not a family name, and the person can be referred to by any one or both of the given name, "Jayarathina Madharasan".

taஇந்தப் பயனரின் தாய்மொழி தமிழ் ஆகும்.
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I am Jayarathina Madharasan (pronounced [ʤɛ̝ɪ̯ʌɾʌt̪t̪ɪn̺ə mɑ:ðʌɾʌsʌn̺]). View my site to know more about me...

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