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Hi. I try to edit non-controversial articles that need help, particularly those with longstanding cleanup tags (5 years+). I am particularly interested in technical articles, the philosophy of language, the history of science and medicine and ensuring biographies are as fact-based and fair as possible.

I am always looking for ways to help with the project. If you have something you are working on and need assistance, Im usually able and happy to help.


I host a site that tracks incidences of animal cruelty in the United States.


  • I have not voted in an election for over 13 years. I am not an active member of any political organization.
  • I have NDAs with every company I have worked for as an adult. I do not post content here in any way related to anyone who has given me money.
  • I have no interest in arguing with anyone on Wikipedia. I find Wikipedia debates tedious and boring.
  • I avoid POV issues by working on articles at random, either using "Random article", going through lists of unsourced articles or answering help requests. That said I am still human and appreciate feedback and polite criticism or all kinds.

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