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Crystal Clear app date.png Today is 26 July 2017
Wall clock.png This user's time zone is UTC-5.
PhD This user has a Doctor of Philosophy degree
Sciences humaines.svg This user teaches at a university or other institution of higher education.
Plato-raphael.jpg This user has published peer-reviewed articles in academic journals.

Jayhawksean is an associate professor in educational technology.

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Free software logos This user uses free software wherever and whenever possible.
Coffee cup icon.jpg This user drinks coffee.
Microphone slant.svg This user believes that only articles need reflect a NPOV, and that displaying political, religious, or other beliefs using userboxes and user categories should not be banned.
PBS This user supports PBS.
Adamsmithout.jpg This user is interested in economics.
A coloured voting box.svg This user is interested in politics.