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Jaymay is a user on Wikipedia with a PhD in philosophy. As such, he occasionally edits philosophy entries here on Wikipedia.

Main interests: moral psychology, philosophy of mind, ethics (esp. meta-ethics), epistemology, and philosophy of psychology.

User boxes[edit]

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WikiProject Philosophy.
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Philosophy journals[edit]

I'm currently working on providing information on philosophy journals. This includes providing:

  • INFOBOXES (see Journal of Philosophy e.g.),
  • NOTABLE ARTICLES published in them, based on number of citations according to Google Scholar and my own best judgment (see Mind (journal) e.g.), and
  • NEW ENTRIES for the top journals that don't have entries yet, such as:
  1. Philosophers' Imprint
  2. Mind & Language
  3. Philosophical Studies
  4. Canadian Journal of Philosophy
  5. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly
  6. European Journal of Philosophy
  7. Review of Philosophy and Psychology (formerly European Review of Philosophy)
  8. Philosophy and Public Affairs
  9. Hume Studies
  10. Philosophical Perspectives
  11. Philosophical Issues
  12. Erkenntnis
  13. Philosophical Psychology

Philosophy (in general)[edit]

Primarily working on the following:

Ethics & Moral Psychology[edit]

Primarily working on the following:

Philosophy of Mind[edit]

Primarily working on the following:


Original Barnstar.png The Original Barnstar
Awarded to Jaymay in recognition of his excellent work expanding and improving moral philosophy articles. Anarchia 10:55, 12 September 2007 (UTC)



Key policies & guidelines[edit]


  • Wikipedia Help - getting started, editing, browsing, policies, standards, and more!
  • Be bold! - don't be afraid to edit, but don't be reckless either!