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Sadi Carnot (1796-1832): the father of thermodynamics

This is my test area for the first articles I am preparing. My usual textbook style is not Wikipedia encyclopedia style. My first submission /Hubbert math was rejected by the editors. I guess they didn't like seeing the steps explained from one equation to the next.

Also, this sandbox is not my own working area. It is subject to trashing by Wikipedia editors, so I'm going off line for my half finished projects.

My project(s)[edit]

  1. My first effort was to assemble a concise statement of the mathematics used by Hubbert to forecast world petroleum futures. Hopefully this exposition /Hubbert math will still be here when you arrive.
  2. My project /Jensen is not yet ready for Wikipedia and may never be. It addresses the fascinating question: Within a population, how should inequality be measured?
  3. I visualize a project /Inverse problem practice. A Wikipedia page Inverse Problems points to the commercial journal Inverse Problems [1] which is inappropriately named -- should be Inverse problem theory, leaving me my logical place. I find at Wikipedia a page Inverse problem which is so weak I may avoid it.

Use a Wiki for gathering intellectual product?[edit]

Is it wise or unwise to draft articles on a Wiki? or should articles be kept in LaTeX, printed in PDF, machine converted by latex2html or latex2wiki for web browsers ? (We once had the latex2html working but figure translation got broken.)

Wiki PROS:

  1. With Firefox 3 you can zoom up to lecture suitable size. Hooray! Hooray!
  2. Friends can view and modify.
  3. On a Wiki people can communicate aside the page of interest (without email. Hooray!)

Wiki CONS:

  1. Cannot use usual editor.
  2. Math font differences between the html and the Latex equation picture files.
  3. Need to see if printed documents are acceptable. Not tested for some years when included illustrations did not do well with page breaks.
  4. Lose Latex equation numbering.


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