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Hello, I am just a simple editor from New Jersey, and I enjoy editing any pages that I can think of while sitting at my desk. I got my Wikipedia account many years ago, but only recently have I began to seriously edit again, thus my edit count is still low. I write a great deal on Precisely Right, the synchronized skating team that I have been researching, and I am a part of WikiProject Figure Skating. I am also a part of WikiProject Languages, as I find grammar fascinating and because I want to help provide comprehensive information on lesser-known languages. Here is a link to my sandbox.

My Editing Policy[edit]

I am a firm believer in zero-tolerance for vandalism, as vandalism is a sadistic attempt to undermine the value of Wikipedia as a reliable encyclopedia. Why work to reduce the amount of knowledge available to humankind?

I also like to patrol new pages, as these are often stubs and I can provide assistance editing and researching the topic. New pages frequently need a lot of work, but I take pride when I can help raise a stub to respectable size and reputability.

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