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About Me[edit]

Hi, I am mainly a wiki reader but might make changes to articles from time to time.

I am teaching English at a University in Korea.

Education I have recently graduated from the University of Kansas with a M.A. in Religious Studies and a graduate certificate in Conflict and Peace. In the past I have studied Psychology at Oklahoma State University and Religious Studies at Tulsa Community College. I attented high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma but have also lived in the cities of Lawton, Oklahoma and Jay, Oklahoma. Additionally, I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the small but beautiful country of Lesotho in 2002-2004. I also have a web page at

Favorite Qoute Ignore the ignorable and enjoy the enjoyable

Past Wiki Activity[edit]

Articles I started are camptown, Senqu River, Christian Realism, Rondavel

Articles I edited are Hlotse, Lesotho, Teyateyaneng, Actually, lots of articles on Lesotho.

Plan to Contribute on[edit]

I am planning on adding to lots of the pages concerning religious ethics as I am studying it in school. After I am finished, I can hopefully add to some of the articles.


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