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User:Gibson Flying V (talk · contribs · logs) has been on Wikipedia since early 2007, materially editing and creating several articles, mostly on the topic of "the greatest game of all". Really caring about Wikipedia means resolving to have it come down on the right side of every content editing choice, important and unimportant alike. The right or wrong side is less readily discernible by the diverse group of people who click 'edit' than one might think, which is why Wikipedia:Verifiability is so important (as well as Wikipedia:Competence is required).

Oh, and no one wants to hear it, but I have the solution to the Australian flag debate and New Zealand flag debate right here.


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Some articles created[edit]

Rugby league footballers[edit]


Sam Backo AustraliaDud Beattie AustraliaHarry Bolewski AustraliaMick Bolewski AustraliaDave Bolton United KingdomKerry Boustead AustraliaLes Boyd AustraliaEdwin Brown AustraliaTony Brown AustraliaJohnny Brown AustraliaMick Burke EnglandArthur Butler AustraliaJock Butterfield New ZealandJean Capdouze FranceMark Carroll AustraliaBill Carson AustraliaJim Challinor EnglandRoy Christian New ZealandDouglas Clark EnglandChris Close AustraliaRaymond Contrastin FranceJohn Cootes AustraliaSteve Crear AustraliaHarold 'Mick' Crocker AustraliaAndy Currier United KingdomKen Day AustraliaFred de Belin AustraliaJim Devereux AustraliaPat Devery AustraliaJean Dop FrancePaul Dunn AustraliaSam Edwards New ZealandJoe Egan EnglandJohn Elias LebanonAlf Ellaby EnglandGeorge Fairbairn ScotlandBill Farnsworth AustraliaFrank Farrell AustraliaDenis Flannery AustraliaArthur Folwell AustraliaDavid Furner AustraliaJean Galia FranceFred Gardner AustraliaRussel Gartner AustraliaAndrew Gee AustraliaKen Gee EnglandGeoff Gerard AustraliaJimmy Gibbs AustraliaJohn Gibbs AustraliaCharlie Gill AustraliaJohn Gleeson AustraliaNeville Glover AustraliaSid Goodwin AustraliaMark Graham New ZealandJohn Grant AustraliaPaul Green AustraliaFred Griffiths South AfricaDuncan Hall AustraliaBill Hamilton AustraliaErnie Hammerton AustraliaMichael Hancock AustraliaLes Hanigan AustraliaEarl Harrison AustraliaPaul Hauff AustraliaJohnny Hawke AustraliaNoel Hazzard AustraliaLes Heidke AustraliaGerry Helme EnglandRay Higgs AustraliaMartin Hodgson EnglandJack Holland AustraliaHenry Holloway AustraliaDick Huddart EnglandCraig Innes New ZealandPeter Jackson AustraliaBrian Jellick New ZealandChris Johns AustraliaCliff Johnson New ZealandFred Jones AustraliaHarry Kadwell AustraliaJohn Kolc AustraliaEric Lewis AustraliaBob Lindner AustraliaSteve Llewellyn WalesJames Lomas EnglandPhil Lowe EnglandBob Lulham AustraliaRon Lynch AustraliaCliff Lyons AustraliaJohn MacDonald AustraliaKen Maddison AustraliaBill Marsh AustraliaKen McCaffery AustraliaMatt McCoy AustraliaDes McGovern AustraliaDugald McGregor AustraliaAlan McIndoe AustraliaPat McMahon AustraliaLes Mead AustraliaJim Mills WalesPeter Moir AustraliaBilly Moore AustraliaBrian Moore AustraliaJim Morgan AustraliaNoel Mulligan AustraliaFrank Myler United KingdomTony Myler United KingdomNoa Nadruku FijiHerb Narvo AustraliaSteve Nash EnglandWilliam Neill AustraliaGeorge Nicholls EnglandBill Noble AustraliaGraeme Olling AustraliaJulian O'Neill AustraliaBob O'Reilly AustraliaBryan Orrock AustraliaDon Parish AustraliaGary Parcell AustraliaJonty Parkin EnglandDave Parkinson AustraliaJim Paterson AustraliaHerman Peters AustraliaGeorge Piggins AustraliaGeoff Pimblett EnglandGreg Platz AustraliaJim Porter AustraliaPaul Quinn AustraliaJack Reardon AustraliaRay Ritchie AustraliaEdward Root AustraliaMax Rousié FranceTommy Ryan AustraliaCharles Savory New ZealandDon Schofield AustraliaKevin Schubert AustraliaBill Schultz AustraliaCharlie Seeling New ZealandKurt Sorensen New ZealandFrank Stanmore AustraliaGeoff Starling AustraliaRoss Strudwick AustraliaCon Sullivan New Zealand/AustraliaGary Sullivan AustraliaMick Sullivan EnglandMark Thomas AustraliaDuncan Thompson AustraliaBrent Todd New ZealandDick Vest AustraliaMaurice Voron FranceBruce Walker AustraliaKerrod Walters AustraliaSteve Walters AustraliaAlex Watson AustraliaHarry Wells AustraliaGraeme West New ZealandDes White New ZealandNoel White AustraliaJack Why AustraliaJack Wilkinson EnglandDarrell Williams New ZealandLionel Williamson AustraliaGraham Wilson Australia


Bruce Astill QueenslandGeoff Bell QueenslandEric Bennett New South WalesTom Bourke New South WalesCharles Cahill New South WalesArthur Conlin New South WalesCyril Connell, Snr. QueenslandHerb Gilbert, Jnr. New South WalesNoel Goldthorpe New South WalesRobin Gourley New South WalesBrian Graham New South WalesRoss Henrick QueenslandCavill Heugh QueenslandGreg Holben QueenslandNorm Jacobson New South WalesJoe Kilroy QueenslandTom Kirk New South WalesMartin Lang QueenslandTerry Matterson New South WalesFonda Metassa QueenslandDes Morris QueenslandRay Morris New South WalesClinton O'Brien QueenslandBill Pearson QueenslandMatthew Ryan New South WalesPeter Ryan QueenslandGary Smith QueenslandNeville Smith Queensland/New South WalesNeil Tierney QueenslandDarryl van der Velde Queensland


Allan AgarGraham AppoKen ArthursonBob BaxPaul BroughtonBill BuckleyJohn CarlawGeoff CarrCraig ColemanJohn DixonDoug FlemingLaurie FreierAlbert GoldthorpeAnthony GriffinTerry HughesJohnny HunterBill KeatoDean LanceMark LaurieJack LindwallSteve LinnanePeter LouisTom MooneyManfred MooreMatt NableLuke PhillipsMichael SearleSteve SharpRick StoneBarry RussellBen WalkerShane WalkerColin van der Voort

Rugby league competitions[edit]


1997 Super League (Australia) season1996 ARL season1995 ARL season1994 NSWRL season1993 NSWRL season1992 NSWRL season1988 NSWRL season1983 NSWRFL season1982 NSWRFL season1929 NSWRFL seasonThacker Shield2005 NRL grand final2007 NRL grand final2006 NRL Grand Final1998 NRL grand final2003 NRL grand final1908 Interstate rugby league series


Super League[edit]

Super League IXSuper League VIIISuper League VIISuper League VSuper League IVSuper League IIISuper League II

Rugby Football League[edit]

1995-96 Rugby Football League season1994-95 Rugby Football League season1993-94 Rugby Football League season1992-93 Rugby Football League season1984-85 Rugby Football League season1972-73 Northern Rugby Football League season1959-60 Northern Rugby Football League season1953-54 Northern Rugby Football League season1896-97 Northern Rugby Football Union season1895-96 Northern Rugby Football Union season


2008 World Club Challenge2007 World Club Challenge2005 World Club Challenge2000 World Club Challenge1994 World Club Challenge1992 World Club Challenge1991 World Club Challenge1989 World Club Challenge1987 World Club Challenge1911-12 Kangaroo tour of Great Britain1921–22 Kangaroo tour of Great Britain1910 Great Britain Lions tour of Australia and New Zealand1992 Great Britain Lions tour of Australia and New Zealand1914 Great Britain Lions tour of Australia and New ZealandSuper League Test series1996 Challenge Cup1929–30 Kangaroo tour of Great Britain1978 Kangaroo tour1988 Great Britain Lions tour1920 Great Britain Lions tour


Harry SunderlandGeorge LovejoyManningham FCLabor DailyList of Australian rugby league team playersPeter MulhollandList of rugby league familiesEarl Park, ArncliffeBill Fallowfield2005 in rugby leagueTom Brock LectureMad MondayBirchgrove ParkAndrew Moore (historian)The Sydney Mail2011 St. George Illawarra Dragons seasonHenry HoyleHooker (rugby league)Fullback (rugby league)Brisbane rugby league teamFive-eighthNewcastle rugby league teamThree-quarter back1925 South Sydney seasonLove Letter (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds song)2013 Canberra Raiders season

Old gripes[edit]




Athol Smith QLD • David Wright (rugby league) QLD • Harold Matthews (rugby league)Jack Leveson/Jack LevisonJoe Grima NZ • Neville CharltonNick Geiger QLD • Paddy Maher/Pat Maher (rugby league)Percy Williams (rugby league)

The Greatest Game of All[edit]

Oh, there's nothing like the spectacle of a test match in full roar,
with the forwards charging, backs are stepping, running at full bore.
The Pommies and the Kiwis and the Frogs all play real keen,
but we take on all comers and Australia reigns supreme.
So whether you're on The Cricket Ground, Lang Park or the bush,
you're still gonna run, you're still gonna tackle and the scrums have got the same push.
You give it some then you get some more and you really give your all,
playing rugby league football it's the greatest game of all.

NRL Premiers Timeline[edit]

Pre-Origin interstate footy[edit]

  • previous match: NSW 11 def. QLD 3Press Association (Volume LXXX, Issue 15, 18 July 1910). "New South Wales v. Queensland". Evening Post. New Zealand: National Library of New Zealand. p. 3. Retrieved 19 March 2011.  Check date values in: |date= (help)
  • 16 Jul 1910 in Brisbane: NSW 21 def. QLD 8[14]
  • 25 Aug 1912 in Brisbane: QLD 15 def NSW 8 (probably due to a NSW touring New Zealand at the same time?)[15]
  • 24 Aug 1913 in ?: NSW 27 QLD 12[16]
  • 28 Jul 1919 in Sydney: NSW 12 QLD 7[17]
  • 29 Sep 1919 in Brisbane: NSW 24 QLD 10 [18]
  • 04 Jun 1937 in Sydney: NSW ? QLD ? []
  • Wed 22 June 1949 at SCG: NSW 33 QLD 3 [19]
  • 20 May 1950 in ?: NSW 45 QLD 12 [20]
  • 24 May 1950 in Sydney: 9 all [21]
  • 25 Jun 1950 in ?
  • 15 Jun 1953 in Brisbane: QLD 22 NSW 13[22]
  • 27 Jun 1954 in Brisbane: ?
  • 09 Jun 1957 in Sydney: NSW 45 QLD 12[23]

Navbox template[edit]

[[Category:|Gibson Flying V]]

Score table[edit]

Team A X Team B Y
Tries (X):
1st try-scorer
2nd try-scorer
3rd try-scorer
Tries (Y):
1st try-scorer
2nd try-scorer
3rd try-scorer
Goals (X):
1st goal-scorer
2nd goal-scorer
3rd goal-scorer
Goals (Y):
1st goal-scorer
2nd goal-scorer
3rd goal-scorer

Match lineups[edit]

Penrith Panthers Posit. Sydney Roosters
1 Rhys Wesser FB 1 Anthony Minichiello
2 Luke Lewis WG 2 Todd Byrne
3 Luke Rooney CE 3 Ryan Cross
4 Ryan Girdler CE 4 Shannon Hegarty
5 Paul Whatuira WG 5 Chris Walker
6 Preston Campbell FE 6 Brad Fittler (c)
7 Craig Gower (c) HB 9 Craig Wing
8 Joel Clinton PR 8 Jason Cayless
9 Luke Priddis HK 14 Michael Crocker
10 Martin Lang PR 10 Ned Catic
11 Joe Galuvao SR 11 Adrian Morley
12 Tony Puletua SR 12 Craig Fitzgibbon
13 Scott Sattler LF 13 Luke Ricketson
14 Ben Ross Int. 7 Brett Finch
15 Trent Waterhouse Int. 15 Andrew Lomu
16 Shane Rodney Int. 16 Chad Robinson
17 Luke Swain Int. 17 Chris Flannery
John Lang Coach Ricky Stuart

Club football to be included[edit]

If anyone wants to discuss these guidelines or point out any necessary re-wording, by all means, please do so on my talk page or at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Rugby league.

As much as I think a case-by-case approach will just lead to more problems down the track, it seems that hard and fast rules about which club football is to be included in the {{Infobox rugby league biography}} (and which is not) for all players are unworkable. Maybe the best thing is if a guidline could be agreed to for different general types of players' cases. It should be understood that an article's infobox is not a substitute for its body text. The infobox is merely an added extra, to be used as a common point of reference amongst all individuals for quickly locating the most pertinent/commonly-sought information about them. When it comes to what football an individual played or coached is to be included, an exhaustive list, regardless of notability (e.g. a list including school-age representative teams alongside full international test teams) is a poor option for rugby league. I find the following tests useful when deciding on inclusion:

  • Considering the row of 'Totals' (for matches, points, etc.) at the bottom of the 'Club' sections. Will these totals give a skewed representation of a player's career in cases where lower level data is mixed with top-level data?
  • Considering whether, during the time spent at a club, it is/was likely, or even possible, for a player to be selected for representative football (which would be present in the "Representative information" section). If, while playing at a particular club, a footballer is selected to play representative rugby league, then clearly that club football is noteworthy. This is also important as time spent in a representative team must have corresponding time spent in a club team so as to avoid the impression that a player came from retirement or obscurity to play representative football. Note that this does not apply to coaching data.
  • Considering continuity. Will excluding football played at a club leave unexplained gaps in the data that are likely to raise questions in the minds of readers? If so, this will strengthen the case for inclusion.
  • Considering whether data for years, games, tries, goals, field goals, points, etc. is available for football played for a side. If it is available (and citeable), this will strengthen the case for inclusion.

Perhaps the following (which are based on the above), if agreed to, could form the basis of such a guidline.

Based on the above, I propose the following guidlines (remember, 'exclude' does not mean exclude from the article, it just means from the infobox. Information about this football can be detailed in the body text or even other additional tables in the article):

Football played (or coached) at clubs in the:

  • NRL - include all
    • Toyota Cup - exclude all
  • Super League - include all
  • Pre-1996 Rugby Football League (regardless of division) - include all (unless someone has a better idea. I don't)
  • French domestic competitions - include all
  • New Zealand domestic competitions
    • Pre-1995 - include all
    • Post-1994 - exclude all
    • First-grade - include all
    • Non-first-grade - exclude all
  • Brisbane Rugby League & Newcastle Rugby League:
    • Pre-1988 first grade - include all
    • Pre-1988 non-first-grade - exclude all
    • Post-1987 - exclude all
  • Illawarra Rugby League
    • Pre-1982 first grade - include all
    • Pre-1982 non-first grade - exclude all
    • Post-1981 - exclude all
  • post-1995 Rugby Football League (e.g. National Leagues 1 & 2) - include some (see guidelines)
  • Queensland country competitions - include some (see guidelines)
  • New South Wales country competitions - include some (see guidelines)
  • Queensland Cup - exclude all
  • New South Wales Cup - exclude all

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