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October 30, 2020 02:37 (UTC)
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    Standard map colors
Color Hex RGB Sample Used for
Black #000000 0, 0, 0   Primary label color
Brown #A08070 160, 128, 112   Political borders. Country, state, and province borders should be brown.
Light brown #D0C0A0 208, 192, 160   Secondary political borders.
Light yellow #FFFFD0 255, 255, 208   Primary territory of interest, or one of four choices for four-color maps.
Pink #FFD0D0 255, 208, 208   Another color to be used for four-color maps.
Orange #F8A20C 248, 162, 12   A third color to be used for four-color maps.
Green #3CE67B 60, 230, 123   A fourth color to be used for four-color maps.
Light blue #CEFEF2 206, 254, 242   An alternate color to be used for four-color maps.
Orange #F7D3AA 247, 211, 170   Alternative color for the above Tan (surrounding territories).
Medium blue #9EC7F3 158, 199, 243   Bodies of water. Oceans or lakes.
Blue #1821DE 24, 33, 222   Water borders, if necessary. For lake or ocean borders that need a color contrasting with surrounding land, or for rivers.
Red #B00000 176, 0, 0   Points of interest. Cities, especially.
Red-orange #F07568 240, 117, 104   Alternative color for the above Red (points of interest).
Medium red #E0584E 224, 88, 78   Border color for areas highlighted in Red-orange
Green #A0F090 160, 240, 144   Parks or natural preservation areas
    Egyptian Reliefs
    Egyptian Artifacts
    Other Images

My vector images of ancient Egyptian deities

Amun.svg Amun post Amarna.svg Montu.svg Shu.svg Hathor.svg Nefertum.svg Horus standing.svg Neith.svg Hathor, mistress of the west.svg Isis.svg Re-Horakhty.svg Standing Osiris edit1.svg Nepthys.svg Anubis standing.svg Khepri.svg Serket.svg Maat.svg Shu with feather.svg Qed-Her.svg Min.svg Set.svg Ptah standing.svg Atum.svg Pharaoh.svg Pharaoh with Blue crown.svg Pharaoh with double crown.svg Thoth.svg Meretseger.svg Khnum.svg Sekhmet.svg Sobek.svg Taweret.svg Meskhenet standing.svg Mut.svg Khonsu as falcon.svg Khonsu.svg Neith with Red Crown.svg Anuket.svg Sopdet.svg Seshat.svg Four sons of Horus.svg Hapy tying.svg

Souls of Pe and Nekhen.svg Hathor cow.svg Heh as chaos.svg Heh.svg Horus as falcon.svg Anubis jackal.svg Bennu bird.svg Aker.svg Eye of Horus bw.svg Atef crown.svg Crook and flail.svg Kheper.svg Djed.svg Ba bird.svg Meskhenet.svg Blue crown.svg Double crown.svg Imiut fetish.svg Ammit.svg