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per this request and this log.   — Jeff G. (talk|contribs) 14:01, 16 February 2009 (UTC)

note: the contents of this page are backed up off-Wiki
note, the second: any admins who've been directed here—Guy appears to be in charge of handling Tweety21's many OTRS tickets (see here—bottom of page)
Note from Guy to OTRS volunteers: all tickets from this user should be merged with 2007102610015332 and closed unsuccessful. We cannot help this person. Guy (Help!) 17:28, 10 February 2008 (UTC)
note, the third: for the reader's digest version, see the Long term abuse report I opened

Despite being banned, invoking her "right to vanish" (with admins deleting much of the mess she left behind), and promising to never come back, she continues to show up, editing until her new accounts or IPs are blocked. Here are the most recent sightings:

  • 21 January 2008: vandalizes sock tag on own talk page
  • 21+22 January 2008: edits own talk page, attempting to obscure the whois/sock tags, eventually removing them altogether
  • 19 January 2008: Jonathanwins posts in multiple forums and on editors' talk pages, complaining about JzG's comment (here) that Charlene is "batshit insane". Later, Wikiwasteoftime edits the sock templates on and Brooklynthegood's talk pages, then removes comments about Tweety21 from JzG's talk page.

Tweety21's sockpuppetry and other abuses[edit]

Original account

Socks and suspected socks

Note: a checkuser request was declined so these are not proven-proven. However, any reasonable person could compare the contributions from these accounts and conclude that they were done by the same person.


One other suspected sock is Darcy monaco (talk · contribs · deleted contribs · logs · edit filter log · block user · block log). Since Tweety21 focuses her denials of sockpuppetry on this one account (indeed, I think it's the only one she's come right out and denied), I think there's a good chance it's not her.

She's also edited from quite a few IP's:

Maybe later I'll attach some diffs above, linking the IPs to Tweety (all instances I could find are included below). According to WHOIS, the IP range is owned by Toronto-Dominion Bank; is from the ISP Rogers Cable and originates in London, Ontario; is from Odynet, another ISP, and also originates in London, Ontario; is the London [Ontario] Public Library; is from Allstream, another ISP, and originates in Belleville, Ontario, and are Bell Canada's Sympatico high-speed internet, and originates in London, Ontario.

Note that after making it obvious that Tweety21 was the ones making edits from these IPs, she expressed concern that she was exposing her whereabouts, so the initial version of this page did not include the actual IP #s. However, in the weeks since then, she's shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that a) she doesn't really care that people know she's editing from these IPs and, perhaps more importantly, b) she shows no sign of obeying her ban or "vanishing" from Wikipedia as she has continually claimed she wants to do.

The short(er) version[edit]

Tweety21 is an editor who took a dislike to my scrutinization of some articles she created. Some articles I improved to meet Wikipedia standards, others, after attempting to improve them, I nominated for deletion. Since I got on her bad side she has accused me (and other editors, but I seem to be the focus of her attention) of a variety of misdeeds. Her claims escalated as admin after admin dismissed her, to the point where she now says she has been the subject of off-wiki harassment (in emails and on MySpace).

Sick of her accusations, I went through all of her edits I could find and compiled a list that shows definitively the disruptive quality of her time spent on Wikipedia. When blocked, she created sockpuppets. When banned, she still continued to edit (with socks and anon IPs).

As a taste, here are all of her instances of !vote stacking (which she repeatedly denied doing) and proof of her habit of threatening legal action (or dropping hints of it (her roommate is a lawyer, "libel", "defamation", etc.):

!Vote stacking[edit]

  • diff, diff, diff — !Votes three times via 2 different IPs in an AfD where she had already !voted as Tweety21 (pretending to be unfamiliar with the subject; article was created by Tweety21)
  • diff, diff — !Votes twice via IP in a second AfD for the same article, again pretending to be unfamiliar with the subject of the article, where she had already !voted as Tweety21
  • diff — !Votes via IP in a DRV for the same article, where she had already !voted as Tweety21
  • diff — !Votes in a CFD for a second time from one IP (first !vote), then !votes again from a second IP

Legal threats (both explicit and implied)[edit]

The looong version[edit]

I am creating this page in defense of myself. I have been accused of many things by Tweety21 but she has never once provided the diffs to back up her claims. Of course, that is because they don't exist. In any case, I took the time to chronicle a good chunk of her edits (from her main account, various IPs and "suspected" sock puppets (still waiting on that checkuser result)).

A few main things I'll add up here since I'm leaving out the diffs to address her privacy concerns: she claims that I and others have exposed her to an abusive ex-boyfriend by telling everyone where she works and edits from. She can't have been too concerned about it because she's repeatedly posted (in comments) where she lives (generally speaking, not her address); she's even posted her name on multiple occasions (as well as an email address). She also frequently edited from various IPs, making no attempt to hide the fact that she was Tweety21 (often signing comments from those IPs as "Tweety"), except when it served her to pretend otherwise (!vote-stacking).

She claims to have never !vote-stacked, only edited while not signed in by accident. There are plenty of diffs showing that to be a lie.

Another sneaky thing she did, when an article she wrote was repeatedly speedy-deleted, was to change the name of the band in an attempt to avoid detection. The group's name is Dopo Yume, and after numerous deletions, she tried DopoYume, The Dopo yume group, and Dopo Yume Group. (She also did this with Jeff Aquilon and Male Model Jeff Aquilon.)

Another habit of hers is to fall back on an excuse of "I'm new to editing on Wikipedia" but she created her account at the end of 2005 (though she didn't start editing heavily until early 2007).

I welcome any rebuttal from her, but unless it is accompanied by links to edits that back up her claims, they will be struck out. Anyway, here goes:

Edits by Tweety21 unless otherwise noted[edit]

  • 30 Dec (2005) — created account
  • 17 Jan (2006) — Blanks talk page of, is reverted and blanks it again — diff, diff
  • 10 Feb (2006) — Removed content from a Category page — diff
  • 18 May (2007) — Removed cleanup tag from article without doing any cleaning up — diff
  • 9 Jun — Legal threat, claim of roommate that's a copyright and trademark lawyer — diff
  • 11 Jun — — !Voted in an AfD where Tweety21 had already !voted, pretending to be unfamiliar with the subject of the AfD — diff
  • 11 Jun — — !Votes in an AfD where Tweety21 had already !voted — diff
  • 11 Jun — — A second !vote from this IP — diff
  • 11 Jun — — Refers to herself in an AfD comment as the author of the article (who was Tweety21); also claims to be in a sorority and that a "a bunch of us [could be] using the same IP"; veiled legal threat ("some comments... are bordering on libel") — diff
  • 11 Jun — — Canvassing for AfD of article she "submitted" (created) — diff
  • 12 Jun — Claims "this wikipedia is still new to me" on user's talk page diff
  • 12 Jun — — Claims authorship of an article created by Tweety21 — diff
  • 13 Jun — — Uncivil comment to another editor in AfD — diff
  • 11 Aug — Opens DRV claiming "I am new to all of this and did not know the proper protacol [sic]" — diff
  • 11 Aug — — Removed three comments and part of the template from a closed AfD — diff
  • 30 Aug — — Left note on Darcy monaco's talk page — diff
  • 30 Aug — — Pasted entire contents of a DRV into an AfD — diff
  • 31 Aug — — Comment on a user's talk page about an article that she "did" (created by Tweety21) — diff
  • 31 Aug — — "I have been editing wiki for a couple of years now" — diff
  • 31 Aug — — Comment on a user's talk page: "I am kind of new at it all" re: editing— diff
  • 1 Sept — — Vandalized the AfD log, removing an entry — diff
  • 1 Sept — Comment in AfD; veiled legal threats "sort of slanderous and libelous"; implies article was nominated for deletion out of "jealously" — diff
  • 1 Sept — Pastes in entire contents of a DRV into an AfD — diff
  • 1 Sept — Claims in AfD that content establishing notability had been removed from the article — diff
  • 1 Sept — — Canvassing for AfD — diff (claims of deletion of Vogue reference disproved here)
  • 1 Sept — — More canvassing — here
  • 1 Sept — — Pasted entire contents of a deletion review into an AfD — diff — which she then removed
  • 1 Sept — — Removed refimprove tag from page without comment (article still needed improved references) — diff
  • 1 Sept — — Edited comment left by Tweety21 — diff
  • 1 Sept — — "Stalking" claim — diff
  • 1 Sept — — Addendum to stalking claim "you even went back to the Aquilon article I wrote like 2 years ago" — diff — my reply here, including a prompt for her to edit while signed in, and to sign her comments
  • 3 Sept — — !Voted in an AfD where Tweety21 had already !voted, again, pretending to be unfamiliar with the subject of the AfD — diff
  • 3 Sept — — Thanks me for help on articles, apologizes for "stalker" notes, claims to be "new" to Wikipedia, asks me to change my vote in an AfD — diff
  • 3 Sept — — !Votes a second time with this IP in the AfD — diff
  • 4 Sept — Thanks me on my talk page for my edits to her article — diff
  • 4 Sept — Uncivilly accuses editor (on his talk page) of "abuse" for pointing out potential !vote-stacking — diff
  • 5 Sept — — "Signed" two AfD comments "Tweety21" (one retroactively) — diff
  • 5+6 Sept — — Edited comments/!votes originally posted by Tweety21 — diff, diff, diff, diff, diff, diff
  • 6 Sept — — Partially deleted another user's comment (ok, it was mine) — diff
  • 6 Sept — — "Signed" a comment on my talk page "Tweety" — diff
  • 8 Sept — — Asks for my help with photos on Wikipedia — diff — I replied here, and was thanked here
  • 8 Sept — — Thanked me on my talk page for this answer to this question, which was asked by and upon whose talk page I responded — diff
  • 8 Sept — — Thanked me for my work on another of her articles — diff
  • 8 Sept — — Edited the SineBot signature of an AfD comment left by Tweety21 — diff
  • 8 Sept — — Removed a comment posted by Tweety21 — diff
  • 8 Sept — — Told an editor that in the above diff she "was just removing [her] own statements" — diff
  • 8 Sept — Opens DRV, accuses sockpuppets of !vote-stacking — diff
  • 9 Sept — Comments on someone's talk page complaining that she "got pummeled" and "[her] little feelings are pretty hurt" (re: the AfD) — diff
  • 11 Sept — — !Votes on a DRV where Tweety21 had already !voted — diff
  • 11 Sept — — !Votes on a CFD where had already !voteddiff
  • 11 Sept — Accuses editor in DRV of making "libelous and untrue" statements" and is generally uncivil — diff
  • 11 Sept — — Uncivil comment left on another editor's talk page — diff
  • 11 Sept — — Uncivil comment left on my talk page — diff — also registers concern about this comment regarding the geographic location of her IP, which I replied to here, explaining that it had nothing to do with finding her
  • 11 Sept — Posts to WP:RENAME asking to change names because she is being "stalked" by an editor and that he is trying to "track [her] down" — diff, diff
  • 11 Sept — Deletes her RENAME entry after a bureaucrat says that it does not appear that she is being stalked — diff
  • 12 Sept — — Left comment in a "Change username" action that Tweety21 had opened — diff
  • 12 Sept — — Deleted entire Tweety 21 "Change username" section — diff
  • 12 Sept — — Deleted her own comment from my talk page where she had thanked me — diff
  • 12 Sept — — Implies she could easily use meatpuppets, then says she "can't be bothered" — diff
  • 12 Sept — After her deletion is reverted and the b'crat cautions her to not remove it, she again deletes it, leaving an uncivil comment along with concerns for her own safety, then deletes that, too — diff, diff
  • 13 Sept — Removed valid linkfarm tag from article (without comment and without removing any of the excessive external links) — diff
  • 13 Sept — — Blanked talk page of — diff
  • 13 Sept — Comments in a sockpuppet report about her that it is "slanderous and libelous" and that she "will get legal advice", claims to live in a sorority house and that the accusation is "bizarrre [sic]"; appends an uncivil comment — diff, diff
  • 14 Sept — — Removed friendly comment on my talk page by — diff
  • 14 Sept — Thanks me on my talk page for my edits to one of her articles — diff
  • 16 Sept — — !Votes in a CFD for a second time from one IP (first !vote) — diff
  • 17 Sept — — !Votes in the same CFD as above — diff
  • 18 Sept — — Edited Tweety21's user page — diff, diff
  • 18 Sept — — Removed 3 comments by and from my talk page (including a request for help, and the thanks that followed my reply) — diff
  • 21 Sept — — Removed my comment about Tweety21's sockpuppetry from an AfD — diff
  • 21 Sept — Uncivil comment on the talk page of her sockpuppet report — diff
  • 21 Sept — Uncivil comment on my talk page — diff
  • 21 Sept — Removed my comment on an AfD — diff
  • 21 Sept — Says in AfD that my comments are "Libelous!!!!" and threatens to "contact admin!!!" — diff
  • 21 Sept — — Uncivil comment left on my talk page — diff
  • 21 Sept — — Blanked the "Suspected sock puppet" report on Tweety21 — diff
  • 21 Sept — Vandalizes my talk page repeatedly due to the fact that she can't figure out where to stick the puppetmaster template (note: accuses me of sockpuppetry but never says what other editors I'm supposed to be using) — diff, diff, diff, diff
  • 21 Sept — — Blanked talk page of Tweety21 — diff
  • 22 Sept — Again removes my comment on an AfD — diff, diff
  • 22 Sept — Unfounded political snipery on my talk page (I don't know what I've said or done to make her think she has an idea about my political views) — diff
  • 22 Sept — Removed my comment once again, mentioning their "libel[ous]" nature, adding "see tweety21/admincomplaints/libel" (I still haven't found out where that is) — diff
  • 22 Sept — Legal threats on my talk page ("see you in court") — diff
  • 24 Sept — — Blanked AfD — diff
  • 24 Sept — — Placed AfD template on articles I created without actually following through on the nomination (merely pasted the tag from a different article and changed the name) — diff, diff, diff, diff, diff — When I and other editors removed the templates, she reverted the edits without comment, even after I pointed out to her that she wasn't actually nominating the articles — diff.
  • 24 Sept — In asking to be unblocked makes outrageous claims of how I goaded her into making legal threats (when she starts a new article I "[show] up to put abusive comments on it"), claims that accused sockpuppets are friends — diff
  • 24 Sept — Decides it will sound better if she acts scared and changes her unblock comment; claims I was asking another user how to find her geographic location (I never did that), additions include that I threatened to tell people where she works, she threatens to contact Wikipedia "media relations" — diff, diff
  • 24 Sept — — Bogus accusation that I get my "friends" to annoy her (no diffs provided by her, of course) — diff
  • 25 Sept — Claims on her talk page (in the unblock discussion) to be "going through mediation for the solution for [my] giving out of [her] private information" — diff
  • 25 Sept — After the user who asked me about finding geographic locations (in regards to sockpuppet accusations) verifies my claim that I was the askee, not the asker, she removes that part of her unblock request — diff
  • 25 Sept — Removes my rebuttal, the other user's verification, and the admin's declining of her unblock request — diff
  • 27 Sept — Gayunicorn — User's second articlespace edit is to paste an AfD tag on an article I created by request for someone at WP:AFC (and was noted as such on my user page), without following through on the rest of the AfD nomination process — diff
  • 27 Sept — Gayunicorn — Tells me on my talk page that the article is not "noteworthy of wikipedia" and that she doesn't "like the tone of the article" — diff
  • 27 Sept — Gayunicorn — Pasted an AfD tag on an article with the same name as the movie I nominated to AfD that was created by Tweety21, once again, not following through with the nomination — diff
  • 27 Sept — Gayunicorn — Delete !vote in AfD, includes offensive anti-wicca comments — diff
  • 27 Sept — Gayunicorn — Abortive attempt at nominating article for deletion — diff
  • 27 Sept — Gayunicorn — Comment on user's talk page, claiming to be offended by movie (on religious grounds, and due to nudity) — diff, diff
  • 27+28 Sept — Gayunicorn — More offensive comments in AfD — diff, diff
  • 28 Sept — Gayunicorn — Veiled threat on my talk page about "check[ing] out [my] other contributions" — diff
  • 28 Sept — Gayunicorn — Edits offensive AfD comments to make them more offensive — diff, diff
  • 28 Sept — Gayunicorn — Inflammatory comment on article's talk page — diff
  • 28 Sept — Gayunicorn — In "defending" herself in a complaint at WP:WQA, she continues to purposefully push wiccan's (really, any non-Judeo-Christian's) buttons — diff
  • 28 Sept — Gayunicorn — More inflammatory comments on an article's talk page — diff, diff
  • 28 Sept — Gayunicorn — Asks for unblock claiming to be "unfamiliar with the rules" — diff
  • 28 Sept — Gayunicorn — Complains on her talk page about people "who have nothing else better to do than follow me around wiki-space " — diff
  • 28 Sept — Gayunicorn — Responds to a reply to her comment with an uncivil comment — diff
  • 28 Sept — Wiccawikka — User's first edits are posts to the AfD; claims she doesn't usually "get involved in these kinds of forums", that my comments in the AfD (and Gayunicorn's) were "religious hate issues" — diff
  • 28 Sept — Wiccawikka — Posts comment on another user's talk page expressing concern about comments in the AfD "that seem to be an attack on Wicca" — diff
  • 28 Sept — Wiccawikka — Says on her user talk page that she has "been editing wiki for about 1 year now, (under an ip)" — diff
  • 28 Sept — Wiccawikka — Removed a legitimate WP:SPA tag from her !vote in the AfD (which was the only non-userspace page where she had any edits) — diff
  • 28 Sept — Wiccawikka — Comment on my talk page feigning ignorance of what a sockpuppet is, and wondering if I am "a Wicca hater" — diff
  • 28 Sept — Wiccawikka — Adds that she works at a law firm (again with the veiled threats) — diff
  • 28 Sept — Wiccawikka — More feigned ignorance re:sockpuppetry on my talk page — diff
  • 28 Sept — Wiccawikka — Comment on my talk page about my "disputes with other users" and says she feels "so much bad karma... coming off [me]" — diff
  • 28 Sept — Wiccawikka — Comment on my talk page preaching "religious tolerance", threatens to report me (and Gayunicorn) for promoting hatred of religion (diffs, please; where have I promoted hatred of anything?); I particularly like the "we are all Gods' children!" part (I don't know any Wiccans that would say something like that) — diff
  • 28 Sept — Wiccawikka — Comment in AfD about "childish behavior" of two "members" (I suppose she means Gayunicorn and me), that "both seem to be in constant heated exchanges with other wiccians" (true only of Gayunicorn), and closes with an uncivil comment about the "ridiculous amount of time" spent on Wikipedia ("do these people have jobs or lives?") — diff
  • 28 Sept — Wiccawikka — Opens WP:WQA regarding me; claims I am "attacking voters", feigns ignorance of sockpuppetry, that I "[brought] in a personal fight into a voting forum", and that I have a "history of quarelling with a user Tweety21 and other users, and writing derogatory statments in the voting forum" (quarrels with Tweety21 aside, completely untrue) — diff
  • 28 Sept — Wiccawikka — Adds claim to WQA that I am "attacking religious freedom" — diff
  • 28 Sept — Wiccawikka — More feigned ignorance of sockpuppetry on a user's talk page — diff
  • 30 Sept — Wiccawikka — Opens DRV for deleted article, accuses me of "disruptive comments" — diff
  • 30 Sept — Wiccawikka — Deleted my comment in the DRV — diff
  • 30 Sept — Wiccawikka — Accusation in DRV that I am being "disruptive" and "accusing everybody involved in vote of being a "sock puppet"" — diff
  • 1 Oct — Wiccawikka — Comment in DRV that "accuses people of being "socks" without conclusive proof, will see admin about this" and pastes in an "abusive" comment I left on another user's talk page (see the original here) — diff
  • 1 Oct — Wiccawikka — Opens a new WQA, skewing what occurred in the initial WQA (claiming I was warned against harassment (not true)), pastes in the same user talk from above as "proof" — diff
  • 1 Oct — Wiccawikka — Complains on the user page of editor involved in original WQA about my continued "harassment", that I'm "leaving abusive comments on other users talk pages about [her]" and pastes in the same user talk page of mine from above (note: I complain about dealing with a sockpuppet; I do not name names) — diff
  • 1 Oct — Wiccawikka — Removed my comment from a DRV — diff
  • 1 Oct — Wiccawikka — Amends her WQA complaint to express concern about my "fixation with abusing [her]", pointing out that I have "an entry about a serial killer" (in reference to the article I created by request from AFC) — diffmy response, editors from original WQA chime in here and here
  • 1 Oct — Buddahelps — User's very first edits are a refactoring of comments in a DRV — diff, diff
  • 2 Oct — Buddahelps — Leaves comment on admin's talk page, pretending to not be able to follow the discussion in the DRV; complains about the "unconstructive comments" there — diff
  • 2 Oct — Buddahelps — Again refactors the DRV, because of "disruptive and frivelous [sic] comments" that are "foolishness", "tomfoolery" and an "immature" "mess" left by Precious Roy and Wiccawikka — diff, diff, diff, diff
  • 2 Oct — Buddahelps — Deleted comments from Wiccawikka's talk page — diff, diff
  • 2 Oct — Buddahelps — Asks an admin for an unblock, claims to "have only edited one article before" — diff
  • 2 Oct — — When the block of this IP was lifted, her very first edit was to vandalize my talk page — diff
  • 2 Oct — — Told an admin that her edit of my talk page was to prevent the "hid[ing] of [my] inflammatory comments to other[s]" (I had archived my talk page, which I do monthly) — diff — Not sure which comments she considered "inflammatory" but the archive in question is here
  • 4 Oct — David0007 — Blanked's talk page; brings up "legal issues" and says she "will contact Wikipedia legal department" in the edit summary — diff
  • 4 Oct — David0007 — More legalities — diff
  • 4 Oct — David0007 — Warns of exposing Wikipedia to a "class action law suite [sic]" — diff
  • 4 Oct — David0007 — Attemps to post to ArbCom, claiming that I "threaten[ed] to expose others to their work place for use of wikipedia to get revenge, please see his contributions to user tweety21 as evidence", a patent falsehood — diff
  • 4 Oct — David0007 — Replaced's talk page with a quote from WP:NPAdiff
  • 4 Oct — Julia1970 — Posts in WP:RFAR (as Tweety21) and makes outrageous, unfounded claims and outright lies, including that I "falsly [sic] accused [her] of being a Public Relations firm" (I never said or even implied that), that I "made abusive comments about [her] to other users on their talk pages", "falsly [sic] accused [her] of "sock puppetry"", "was going through the history of [her] edits on a daily basis to annoy and harass [her]" (watching her edits, yes; to harass her, no), that I "emplyed [sic] "Meat puppets", to go and declare other accounts as [her] "sock puppets"" (never have, never will), that I "get into disputes on a regular basis", and that "this was just a one time thing with this strange individual" (there was more than one editor, including admins, involved in this drama), "reporting [her] edits to [her] workplace could place [her] at risk as it exposes [her] sexual identity, and also [her] political and relgious beliefs" (she's never made one single edit along those lines (except the trolling she did as Gayunicorn)—she used this as a reason to "ban... Precious Roy"), that she "never "vandalized" any articles!"", she closes out her complaint by claiming that "the exposure of [her] place of employment, and that [she] go[es] to the (name redacted) Public Library.. placed [her] at risk of violence by a prior partner!!!" and that "[i]f this is not resolved soon, [she] will have to get advice by the local womens' shelter"—funny, she wasn't too concerned about protecting her identity before all this happened, posting freely and frequently from various IPs and making it clear that it was her; on some early edits, she even signed her first name (once with her last initial—now I won't post those diffs, but they do exist) — diff
  • 4 Oct — Julia1970 — Leaves note on an editors talk page that I was making "abusive remarks to [her]", claimed innocence of duplicitous editing from IPs, again claims that I said she worked at a PR firm (no PR firm would get paid for what she writes), that I "exposed that [she] do[es] [her] edits from the (name redacted) Public Library on one page, and where [she] work[s]" (again, she is the one who exposed herself), again claims that I was exposing her "political, and relgious [sic] beliefs" and brings up the abusive "ex-boyfriend" (oops, now she's exposed her "sexual identity", to some degree at least) and "exposes [her] to problems at [her] place of employment" — diff
  • 4 Oct — Julia1970 — Quotes a note I left on another editor's talk page and tries to skew the context so it looks like I'm talking about being sneaky (it's not; it was in response to this, and the other editor's reply is here), claims I "constantly [am] in disputes with others", that I "abus[e] people because they suffer from disabilities" (suddenly claims to have dyslexia, funny how none of her editing shortcomings seem to be caused by dyslexia—not a single one) — diff
  • 4 Oct — — Left a comment on my talk page that she had "started mediation", claiming my "actions constitute a serious threat to Wikipedia privacy policy", without bothering to give me the link (she had started it with one of her new socks) — diff
  • 4 Oct — Julia1970 — Claims I was notified of the RFRA (here's her "notification", sans any clues as to where I could find what she was talking about, here's me asking where it is; she never told me) — diff
  • 4 Oct — Julia1970 — Adds more claims to the RFRA: "Abuse of learning disability, Engaging other Wikipedians to join his fight, Exposure of my private information" (again, never happened; didn't do it; she did it herself) — diff
  • 4 Oct — Julia1970 — It gets better (more RFRA): "The written assaults on me were so vicious it made it impossible" to try other dispute resolution steps (please show one "vicious assault" by me, I'm begging you!) — diff
  • 4 Oct — — Left a comment on the admin who blocked Tweety21 claiming I had "defam[ed]" her by saying she was a PR firm (which I, in fact, never said) — diff
  • 4 Oct — Julia1970 — "Proof" in the RFRA that I enlisted others in a personal vendetta against Tweety21 (I snitched on her new sockpuppets to the admin who had gotten involved all on his own and blocked an earlier account of hers) — diff
  • 4 Oct — Julia1970 — Claims in the RFRA that I reverted her attempts to remove "abuse" from her talk page (please show a diff where I ever posted or reverted abuse), seems scared of my editing skillz, possibly due to a lack of knowledge Wikipedia's watchlist feature — diff
  • 4 Oct — Julia1970 — Changes admission (in RFRA) of having made legal threats to having requested legal assistance; claims I made "[m]any abusive statements about [her] on other users talk pages" (show me the money diffs!) — diff
  • 4 Oct — Julia1970 — Icing on the cake: an all-caps exclamation that I am putting her very life at risk!!111!1!omg1!11wtf!!!1! — diff
  • 4 Oct — New unblock request, rehashes same old story that I accused her of being a PR person (didn't), weasels around the sock puppet accusations (review "wasn't conclusive"), denies !voting from multiple IPs (claims to have only made comments), claims to have never vandalized, accuses me of using meat puppets (without naming names, of course), — diff
  • 4 Oct — Accuses admin of harassment (in unblock request), says that a privacy violation was committed by "broadcasting [her] workplace" and situation "will be dealt with as [she] emailed a complaint to the Ombudsperson" — diff
  • 4 Oct — Hysterical (I mean that in an all-caps-and-exclamation-points-typing sense, not in the humorous sense) addition about her "ex-boyfriend" finding her and "beat[ing] the shit out of [her]" — diff
  • 4 Oct — Adds to claims of fearing for her life, denies sockpuppetry and the fact that she is the one who exposed her locations — diff
  • 4 Oct — Accuses me of WP:OWN, telling Yalma I reverted an edit of his in an article I created by request in AFC (check the edit history; I didn't) — diff
  • 4 Oct — Claims to have been the victim of a stalker (in real life implied) — diff
  • 4 Oct — Comment on admin's talk page claiming she "saw on "Someones" talk page a reference to where [she] may work because of tracking down [her] IP" (didn't happen) — diff
  • 5 Oct — More comments on admin's talk page, including "you always see these news programs where people geted [sic] tracked down from the internet-sort of scarey, especially if you are a girl living on your own" — diff
  • 5 Oct — Blanked Darcy monaco's talk page — diff
  • 5 Oct — Blanked's talk page — diff
  • 5 Oct — Blanked's talk page and user page— diff, diff, diff
  • 5 Oct — Blanked Julia1970's talk page — diff
  • 6 Oct — Blanked's talk page — diff, diff, diff
  • 6 Oct — Comment on admin's talk page: "I just hate being accused of unethical behavior-studied Ethics in college!" — diff
  • 6 Oct — Blanked Darcy monaco's talk page — diff
  • 6 Oct — Blanked Wiccawikka's talk page — diff
  • 6 Oct — Comment on admin's talk page: "Im too wiki naive to be purposly disruptive" — diff
  • 6 Oct — — Removed content from closed sockpuppet discussion — diff
  • 6 Oct — Complains on editor's talk page about his calling her on editing other user/IP talk pages than who she is logged in as; more threats of offcial complaint — diff
  • 6 Oct — Help template on her talk page complaining that "two users continue to put [her] work place info on page" and brings up the "abusive ex-boyfriend" again; claims the unnamed users are writing abusive things about her on their talk pages — diff
  • 6 Oct — Complains to an admin about a user who won't let her edit various IP talk pages while logged in as Tweety21; more threats (in-house, not legal) — diff
  • 6 Oct — Threats ("will take action") on her own talk page — diff
  • 7 Oct - Uses the {{helpme}} tag as Libertybell01 to appeal for protection against harassment and stalking diff, then attempts to enlist my help to assist her "room-mate", whose physical and emotional health are being threatened by Precious Roy diff. -FisherQueen (talk · contribs) 21:57, 7 October 2007 (UTC)
  • 8 Oct — — Complains on an admin's page of imagined "abuse" and "harassment" from another editor — diff
  • 8 Oct — + — Vandalizes the CSN (twice) by editing someone's comment; includes bonus legal threats in edit summaries — diff, diff
  • 8 Oct — — Removes ban endorsement from CSN — diff
  • 8 Oct — — Multiple lies and misrepresentations in CSN: Checkuser proved her innocent (the checkuser was declined), she was unblocked because of the checkuser (she was unblocked because she rescinded her legal threat), minimizes her behavoir ("banning someone because maybe they over-reacted" Maybe? I don't think there's any "maybe" about it), claims I deleted her talk page history (why would I do that? It ruins my list below of all her warnings. Oh, right—an admin did it so she could "disappear"; so much for that.) — diff
  • 8 Oct — — "I could easily make up a new account and start editing away", brings up the PR firm again (give it a rest!) — diff
  • 8 Oct — — Comments on a user's talk page, repeating claims that checkuser proved her innocent and that I deleted her talk page, cried "abuse" and that I treated her rudely — diff
  • 9 Oct — Casper01 — Removes comment left by Tweety21 on a user's talk page — diff
  • 11 Oct — Canuckchick007 — Posts "stalking" complaint at AN/I (and mentions "libel"; will she ever learn?) — diff
  • 11 Oct — Canuckchick007 — More lies on an admin's page — diff, diff, also diff
  • 11 Oct — Canuckchick007 — Posts to AN/I that one of her IP's talk pages is a"trademark and privacy violation" — diff, diff
  • 13 Oct — Wikiprivacy — Deletes content from numerous user pages (Tweety21, Darcy monaco, Canuckchick007, Casper01), DRV, and Suspected sock report — contribs
  • 13 Oct — — Similar activities as Wikiprivacy (seems to have logged out, done a few edits, and logged back in, shortly before being blocked) — diff, diff, diff
  • 13 Oct — Helpme20 — Posts on the Jimmy Wales talk page with the usual round of lies (being stalked, claiming unwanted daily messages on her talk page (convenient that her talk page was deleted so it can't be unproven), abusive comments about her on others' talk pages) plus a great new one "Tried to get added as a friend to my myspace account" — diff
  • 13 Oct — — More of the same bogus claims (including "constant emails" and "cyberstalking") — diff
  • 13 Oct — Helpme20 — Was directed to Jimbo Wales' talk page where she posted a similar message, including "I fear being hurt or raped (he knows where I live, what I look like ect)" — diff
  • 13 Oct — Helpme20 — When an admin responds and offers assistance, she leaves a message with the usual lies on his talk page ("he is berserk!!!" "the guy has published my home address!!!") — diff
  • 13 Oct — Helpme20 — Signs her name; she's obviously worried about her security. Brilliant. — diff
  • 17 Oct — Hurongirl — Blanked Tweety21 user page and tagged for speedy deletion, claiming off-Wiki harassment — diff, diff, diff
  • 17 Oct — Hurongirl — Tags this page (which is, remember, in my userspace) for speedy deletion (in the last diff, she removes it) — diff, diff, diff
  • 20 Oct — Saltandpepper69‎ — New account, same old claim of "right to vanish" posted on Jimbo Wales' talk page, she "[has] not slept in days" because she's so freaked out; signs as "Tiffany" — diff
  • 20 Oct — Saltandpepper69‎ — Admin responds and she asks to go off-Wiki with their discussion — diff
  • 20 Oct — — Starts copying content from various articles and pasting it onto the IP's talk page. Accuses me of racism when I remove the content and leave a note explaining that the talk page is not a user page, and a link for registering for an account — diff, diff, diff, diff
  • 20 Oct — Claraparks — all sortsa stuff, continued from the above edits (I'll list it all later) — Claraparks' "contributions"
  • 20 Oct — — Leaves "thank you" message on an editor's talk page; 1 minute later, Claraparks changes the comment's signature from the IP's to her own — diff, diff
  • 22 Oct — Saltandpepper69 — Posts a new plea for help on Jimbo's talk page; claims of terror, abuse, false allegations of sockpuppetry, implies I have an admin who does my bidding (I wish!), implies that I think "abuse towards women" is funny, and that I "gloated" about her information being reverted (guess what, the diff she provides has no gloating, and it doesn't even mention her information being "brought back") — diff
  • 22 Oct — Saltandpepper69 — Amends her above comment to include that she "had to go on medication because of the stress" due to the stress of the situation — diff
  • 22 Oct — Saltandpepper69 — Claims (still on Jimbo's talk page) that in this post on an admin's talk page (yeah, the one who does all my dirty work), I "brag about [my] harassment and how [I am] controlling [her]" (of course, I don't) — diff
  • 22 Oct — Saltandpepper69 — Another plea: "PLEASE help me, I can't take this abuse any longer", on Jimbo's talk page — diff
  • 22 Oct — Saltandpepper69 — Adds to previous complaints to tell about this page (a "weird long letter") and complains about me posting her information (she forgot to mention, however, that all this information comes from her and her own edits to Wikipedia) — diff
  • 23 Oct — Saltandpepper69 — Tries to get the Saltandpepper69 page deleted — diff
  • 23 Oct — Saltandpepper69 — Removes her comments from Jimbo's page — diff, diff
  • 23 Oct — — Removes sock and whois tags from talk page, the tries to get the page deleted; when her edits are reverted, she edits the sock tag, and leaves an uncivil comment, finishing up with claims of "cyberstalking" (her fun ends when the page is protected) — diff, diff, diff, diff, diff, diff, diff
  • 23 Oct — — Blanks Saltandpepper69‎'s talk page with "I hate stalkers." — diff, diff
  • 25 Oct — Claraparks — Requests unblocking, first because "there are thousands of people using this ip", then appending "I am also concerned that this could be racially motivated" — diff, diff
  • 25 Oct — Claraparks — When her request is declined, she deletes the admin's response — diff
  • 9 Nov — Tweety21 again pleads that she is in danger and begs for a courtesy blanking of this page, promising to never again edit Wikipedia. The request is granted. Ward3001 (talk) 02:06, 11 December 2007 (UTC)
  • 10 Dec — She shows up as User:Dopofan and confirmed by checkuser to be a sock of Tweety 21. Ward3001 (talk) 02:06, 11 December 2007 (UTC)
  • 11 Dec — — Blanks own talk page, Dopofan talk page, and this page; leaves nasty note on my user page; legal threats, etc. The usual. Claims ban was only 2 months — contribs
  • 11 Dec — Dopofan — Posts claims of harrassment on own talk page; again claims ban was only for 2 months diff
  • 12 Dec — Halloween12 — Blanks Tweety21's talk page, claiming harrassment and threatening to contact Jimbo — diff
  • 12 Dec — — Blanks Tweety21's talk page — diff
  • 12 Dec — — Leaves uncivil comment about me on the IP's talk page (with bonus legal threat!) — diff
  • 16 Dec — Tweety21 — Selective removal of content from Tweety21 talk page — diff, diff
  • 18 Dec — — Selective removal of content from IP's talk page, including the vandalising of a whois tag — diff, diff
  • 18 Dec — Tweety21 — Selective removal of content from Tweety21 talk page, including the editing of other users' signed comments — diff
  • 19 Dec — Tweety21 — Blanking of Tweety21 talk page (bonus legal threats: "libelous and inflamatory [sic] material") — diff, diff, diff
  • 14 Jan 2008 — — Puts ppoffice tags on the Dopofan and pages; does the same on my sockproblems page and its associated talk page but reverts those two edits — diff, diff, diff, diff, diff, diff
  • 15 Jan — — Blanks this page's talk page — diff
  • 15 Jan — — Personal attack on this page's talk page, the above IP's talk page (including B.S. off-Wiki abuse claims), and blanks sock tag (with incivility) on the IP's own talk page — diff, diff, diff, diff
  • 15 Jan — — (This one deserves its own entry) Posts on Jimbo Wales' talk page with more lies about off-Wiki abuse and claims that her problems on Wikipedia are my fault (I "exaggerated" and "lied" about her actions and "got [her] 'banned'". Other lies and nonsense (she has no idea what my IP address is, for one thing) — diff
  • 15 Jan — — Blanks own talk page, then vandalizes this page, leaves an incivil comment about me on own talk page, puts protection tags on the archive of her ban discussion and the IP's talk page — diff, diff, diff, diff, diff, diff
  • 16 Jan — — Replaces this page with "you're OBSESSED." — diff
  • 17 Jan — Englandbridge — Complains about this page's talk page on Jimbo's talk page — diff
  • 17 Jan — Englandrules — Posts on the talk page of the editor who responded to Englandbridge's comment (claiming to be Tweety's older sister and that they "lost [their] mother this past year"), then adds to Englandbridge's comment on Jimbo's talk page diff, diff
  • 17 Jan — Newyorkjill — Blanks Tweety21's ban discussion "eding [sic] out the libelous info as per ticket request" — diff
  • 17 Jan — Brooklynthegood — New post on Jimbo's talk page complaining about this page's talk page — diff
  • 18 Jan — Texastuna — Blanks Tweety21's ban discussion "per ticket 0S13268 regarding libel issues" — diff
  • 19 Jan — Jonastate — Removes most content from Tweety21's ban discussion — diff, diff
  • 19 Jan — Jonathanwins — Complains in multiple forums and on editors' talk pages about JzG's comment (here) that Charlene is "batshit insane". Seeks out an editor already at odds with JzG, claims "anti-woman kind of name calling", also claims to be "just here for a week or so to clean up some articles I created and then I am gone for good!" (if only that were true!) — diff, diff, diff, diff, diff
  • 19 Jan — Wikiwasteoftime — Edits sock templates on and Brooklynthegood's talk pages, then removes comments about Tweety21 from JzG's talk page — diff, diff, diff
  • 21 Jan — — Vandalizes sock tag on own talk page — diff
  • 21+22 Jan — — Starts out editing own talk page, pretending to be someone who wants to start an article on Toronto nightlife, adds content to the top of the page so one must scroll down to see the sock/whois tags; after page is refactored, more content is added above tags, including one edit that subsumes the sock/whois tags; the page is refactored again and the IP removes the tags; when the tags are replaced, they're removed again with this edit summary: "I am not a "Puppet" whatever that means, I don't wish to be involved in dispute"; also during all this, tells an editor who'd been trying to help out that the whois info for the IP is incorrect — (only some diffs shown, see contribs for more edits) diff, diff, diff, diff, diff, diff

Tweety21 talkpage information, warnings, and blocks[edit]

I won't even bother showing all the warnings and second chances she got at her sockpuppet and IP talk pages, I think this is quite enough to get an idea how much the community has bent to accommodate her.

(Note: Her talk page has been deleted since I created this section, so these diffs are useless. I guess an admin can verify whether or not my summaries are correct. never mind, talk page was restored)

  • 30 Dec (2005) — Test warning level 1 (and welcome note) — diff
  • 31 Dec — Test warning level 1 — diff
  • 4 Jan (2006) — 2 image deletion warnings (orphaned images w/out copyright info (IfD here)) — diff
  • 10 Jan — Article (Jeff Aquilon) deleted (recreation of article deleted per AfD) — diff
  • 11 Jan — Warning for recreating the same article again — diff
  • 12 Jan — Recreated article with different name (Male Model Jeff Aquilon) to avoid deletion — diff
  • 12 Jan — Asked to leave comment on user's talk page, not userpage — diff
  • 12 Jan — Comment about copyright tags on images (and using the correct ones) — diff
  • 31 Jan — Image copyright problems — diff
  • 3 Feb — Image copyright problems — diff
  • 10 Feb (2007) — Vandalism warning for this edit — diff
  • 10 Feb — Unsourced images — diff, diff
  • 18 May — Uploaded duplicate image (with slightly different name) because first image was marked for speedy deletion — diff
  • 18 May — Unsourced image — diff
  • 18 May — Image problem — diff
  • 19 May — Untagged image — diff
  • 21 May — Response to question; helpful advice about correctly tagging images — diff
  • 29 May — Orphaned non-free image — diff
  • 1 Jun — Untagged image — diff
  • 4 Jun — CSD notice — diff
  • 6 Jun — CSD notice — diff
  • 6 Jun — Explanation of how to sign talk page comments — diff
  • 6 Jun — AfD notice — diff
  • 6 Jun — Warning to not remove AfD tag from article — diff
  • 6 Jun — Second warning to not remove AfD tag — diff
  • 7 Jun — Explanation of why article was nominated for AfD — diff
  • 7 Jun — Image copyright problems/CSD notice — diff
  • 9 Jun — Legal threat warning/image copyright question (and follow-ups)— diff, diff, diff
  • 9 Jun — CSD notice — diff
  • 10 Jun — Editor who tagged article for speedy deletion reads her talk page and doesn't fall for her claim of "not [being] sure what is going on"— diff
  • 12 Jun — CSD notice — diff
  • 14 Jun — Untagged image — diff
  • 15 Jun — Final warning for recreating deleted article — diff
  • 15 Jun — Image problem explanation; asked to leave comment on user's talk page, not userpage; explains how to sign comments — diff
  • 10 Jul — Orphaned non-free image — diff
  • 20 Jul — Image copyright problems — diff, diff
  • 9 Aug — Image tagging problems — diff, diff, diff
  • 14 Aug — Blocked for "chronic fair-use policy [violations]" (31 hours) — diff
  • 15 Aug — Advice on sourcing articles; suggestion to do other work on Wikipedia for a while before introducing more new material — diff, diff
  • 30 Aug — CSD notice — diff
  • 3 Sept — !Vote-stacking warning and follow-up — diff, diff
  • 8 Sept — Cautioned (by me) to not make so many comments in an AfD — diff
  • 8 Sept — Image copyright warning — diff
  • 9 Sept — Non-free image notice — diff, diff, diff
  • 9 Sept — SinBot comment signing notice — diff
  • 9 Sept — Leave comments on user talk page, not userpage — diff
  • 11 Sept — Orphaned non-free image — diff
  • 11 Sept — Image fair-use rationale problem — diff
  • 12 Sept — Image copyright problems — diff
  • 13 Sept — Orphaned non-free image — diff
  • 14 Sept — Legal threat warning — diff
  • 15 Sept — CfD notice — diff
  • 18 Sept — Prod notice — diff
  • 19 Sept — AfD notice — diff
  • 21 Sept — Legal threat warning — diff
  • 21 Sept — AfD removal warning — diff
  • 21 Sept — Vandalism warning — diff
  • 22 Sept — AfD removal warning — diff
  • 22 Sept — SineBot comment signing notice — diff
  • 22 Sept — Legal threat warning — diff
  • 23 Sept — Indef. block for "repeated abuse of editing privileges" and "Legal threats are not tolerated"— diff
  • 24 Sept — Unblock declined — diff
  • 25 Sept — User talk page protected due to self-blanking of block notice, etc. — diff
  • 4 Oct — Admin weighs in on unblock request, offers Tweety21 the chance to show evidence of harassment (an offer she did not take up) — diff
  • 4 Oct — Admin reply and basic explanation of notability standards — diff
  • 4 Oct — Blocking admin agrees that if she rescinds the legal threats she should be unblocked but leaves open the possibility of blocking her for her other transgressions — diff
  • 4 Oct — Unblocked — diff
  • 5 Oct — Warned against blanking IP's talk pages — diff, diff
  • 5 Oct — Cautioned not to move IP's talk pages — diff
  • 5 Oct — SineBot comment signing notice — diff
  • 6 Oct — Warned against blanking IP's/other user's talk pages — diff
  • 6 Oct — Admin strongly warns against removing content from IP pages — diff
  • 6 Oct — Blocked for legal threat — diff
  • 6 Oct — Blocking admin cautions her to stop removing block notice; offers to remove block if legal threat rescinded and editor promises to stop removing content from IP talk pages — diff
  • 6 Oct — User talk page protected due to self-blanking of block notice, etc. — diff
  • 7 Oct — Warned against altering other's signed comments — diff
  • 7 Oct — User talk page protected ("trolling") — diff
  • 7 Oct — CSN notice — diff
  • 7 Oct — Unblock declined — diff
  • 8 Oct — Long comment from admin who had previously unblocked — diff

Special thanks to FisherQueen, Ward3001, Yamla, Random832 for their assistance in keeping this page up-to-date and as complete as possible, and Luna Santin for obviating a pound of cure.

Extra special thanks to Charlene for all the great material.