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Epson291 07:04, 11 April 2007 (UTC)

View from my balcony.

Hello. I'm Jeff Matthews. I live in Naples, Italy, where I teach and write for a living.

I am a newcomer (Dec. '05) to Wikipedia and so far have made a few edits of the entries on

As well, I have made substantial changes to

I have put up new articles on

As of Dec. 06, I have put in a number of months on the Naples page.

Also, I have added some items to the list of film score composers and put up some miscellaneous items in the many song lists.

I maintain a webpage about Naples, Italy [1] and my email address is

Chinese braille[edit]

I did that when I created Hebrew braille. Your computer has to support that segment of Unicode, but that goes with any "language." If your computer doesn't have, let's say, Hindi, then it just comes in as squares like that.

I googled for "braille font" and got, try that I guess, but it comes in on my computer as boxes too; if it works/or you find out tell me I'd like to know, but I just did pictures so everyone has support, since it is rare to have it supported Epson291 07:04, 11 April 2007 (UTC)