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Me. I pay little attention to how I look, as long as I don't look repulsive. I try to shave as often as I can, I swear.

My real name is Håvard Skjæveland. I haven't contributed much to Wikipedia yet; I fix small grammatical and spelling errors whenever I spot them, but I've never majorly revised any articles. The first (and so far, only) one I created was called technophoria (the feeling induced when having solved a technical problem, akin to euphoria), but it was later deleted (I now understand why it was deleted; it's a neologism, invented, as far as I know, by myself). I got a user account on June 16, 2005. I run a personal web site to which I post news items and make pages about whatever happens to interest me at the moment.

My interests revolve around the Internet (HTML, CSS, and PHP), science fiction (robots, futurology, transhumanism), computers, computer games, and anime. This isn't a definite list; my interests tend to fluctuate.

I have been reading Wikipedia for a while now, and one thing I absolutely love about it (beside the concept) is the fact that it has tons of very esoteric articles not normally found in ordinary encyclopedias. This is, of course, because anyone can create articles about esoteric subjects. I absolutely adore synergy.

I was born in Stavanger, Norway on March 12 1985 and I still live here. The languages I know are, in order of mastery and preference, English, Norwegian, and very basic German. I profoundly suck at German, so it's just there for completeness. I am also understood in, and understand, Swedish and Danish, as these languages don't differ all that much from Norwegian.

I currently attend NITH, studying Web Programming.

Contact me at

Articles I've started[edit]

en-3This user can contribute with an advanced level of the English language.
noDenne brukeren/brukaren har norsk som morsmål.
nn-1Denne brukaren kan litt norsk (nynorsk).
sv-1Denna användare har grundläggande kunskaper i svenska.
da-1Denne bruger har et grundlæggende kendskab til dansk.