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Answer Infinity
File:Answer infinity band.jpg
Opening for Soilwork at Mexicali in Teaneck, NJ
Left to right: A.J. Dinardo, Bryan Smith, Eric Klein, E.J. Luna, Jon "Happy Gilmour", Mark Tiara
Background information
Origin Paramus, New Jersey
Genres Alternative metal, art rock, progressive metal, progressive rock
Years active 2011–present
Labels wonderfÜk records
Members A.J. Dinardo
Mark Tiarra
Eric Klein
Bryan Smith
E.J. Luna

Answer Infinity is an American hard rock band from Paramus, New Jersey. Formed in 2011, by Power Guitarist A.J. Dinardo and Precision Guitarist Mark Tiarra, whose influences are a pair of decades apart, Answer Infinity melds the sounds of modern hard rock with classic metal into a powerful, melodic mix. AI's singer, Eric Klein (also known for his work with Days Before Tomorrow and UUU) brings his impressive pipes to bear on AI's first single, "So Stained" and doesn't stop there. The band is rounded out by drummer E.J. Luna, Screamo Vocalist Bryan Smith, and Metalspoon on Bass. Their upcoming debut album "Never going Back Again" is set to release in 2014.


Precision Guitarist Mark Tiara recounts the history of Answer Infinity:

"Once upon a time, There was an 80's head shredder named, Mark. He went to a restaurant with his meathead friends and met a 90s grunge lover named, A.J. They both thought the other was a moron. It should have ended there, but their respective ladyfolk decided they should be friends. Soon they found out they shared a special (we mean short bus special) gene and it led to some wonderful songs. Then they broke up. Then they came to their senses. Now you have music."

Musical style and influences[edit]

Musical style[edit]

Answer Infinity combines the pure aggression of modern hard rock/metal with the melodic hooks of the classic "heavy metal" bands. Featuring heartfelt vocals, fantastic drumming, and lead guitar work that is on fire, AI's music is a nice hybrid for fans of newer bands like Killswitch Engage, Breaking Benjamin, and Slipknot, as well as older bands like, The Scorpions, Motley Crue, and Ozzy.


Band members[edit]


Upcoming cover of the debut album "Never Going Back Again"

Answer Infinity [EP][edit]

The EP simply titled "The EP" is available on e-commerce sites such as and iTunes.

Never Going Back Again[edit]

The upcoming debut album, scheduled for release in 2014.




Further reading[edit]

  • Louie, Tim (May 15, 2013). "North Jersey Notes: Answer Infinity, Iratetion, Deal Casino and More!". The Aquarian Weekly.

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