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The Illustrious and Honourable Bathrobe Cabal of Wikipedia



The Illustrious and Honourable Bathrobe Cabal of Wikipedia has the following membership requirements:

  • hold allegiance to none but this cabal
  • meet the photo standards below
  • have mild rogue (rouge is a colour) tendencies (admin candidates only)
  • consistently abuse the (semi-)protection of a page in their favour (admin candidates only)
  • place an extraneous "u" into wourds to sound moure British
  • be in good standing with the community and be of legal age in their respective countries (hey, we have to have one serious one!)

ALL candidates must submit a photo of them wearing a bathrobe and a cheesy grin as well as displaying the universal secret BRC greeting gesture

Candidates may apply by submitting a request to Lara via email, IRC, or on her talk page. Images are not published by the cabal. Applications subject to rejection... you've been warned.

Approved alternatives to the "cheesy grin" include: show of tongue stud, a look that says "Your mother," a look that says "I did your mother," the deer in the headlights look, or a look that conveys no emotion whatsoever.


Bathrobes are provided from each according to their ability, to each according to their need.

They must be bathrobes. They may not be:

Note: In some countries other than the U.S., the term "dressing gown" can be used to refer to a bathrobe. In such cases, dressing gowns are acceptable wear.


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