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Personal note[edit]

Due to a hectic 'real life', I'm reluctantly finding myself on an extended wikibreak. I hope to get back to my previous activity level later.

Jens Nielsen 08:58, 31 October 2007 (UTC)

About me[edit]

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Hello, I am Jens Nielsen. I am a biologist and I've been an enthusiastic Wikipedian since I joined in January 2006. Currently, I am working in the field of environmental policy. My main interests are climate change, renewable energy, environmental policy, biology, photography. Even though it is not a primary interest of mine, I've ended up doing a good deal of geography on Wikipedia, mainly related to Greenland.

I'm mostly focusing on adding new content to the wikipedia, though I've done a fair share on new pages patrol and new edits patrolling. My philosophy when doing major upgrades of articles is to try to make the Wikipedia article the best general overview available on the internet. In doing so, I try to consult the most authoritative and unbiased sources available, like major scientific reviews and reports.

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For me[edit]

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To Do[edit]

and possibly...


A Barnstar!
The Original Barnstar

For tireless work on Greenland related articles! Teke 05:30, 9 April 2006 (UTC)


(Updated February 2007)

Major contributions[edit]


Clean Development Mechanism, Joint Implementation, European emission standards, Carbon Capture and Storage, Carbon offset, ACEA agreement, Enhanced oil recovery, EU ETS, Regional Clean Air Incentives Market, Equator Principles, Green investment scheme, Directive on Electricity Production from Renewable Energy Sources,


Greenland Ice Sheet, Jakobshavn Isbræ, List of towns in Greenland, List of mountains in Greenland, Nanortalik, Kangaatsiaq, Ittoqqortoormiit, Sokoto


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Articles I've started (mostly stubs)[edit]


Gavarnie Falls,


Tasiilaq, Aappilattoq (Nanortalik), Hvalsey, Kangilinnguit (Grønnedal), Narsarmijit (Frederiksdal), Nuussuaq, Atammik, Kullorsuaq , Kuummiut, Kangaamiut , Kapisillit , Qeqertarsuatsiaat , Ikerasak , Arsuk, Pituffik, Iginniarfik, Niaqornaarsuk , Ikerasaarsuk, Attu (Greenland) , Tasiusaq (Nanortalik) , Tasiusaq (Upernavik) , Paamiut , Igaliku , Eqalugaarsuit , Aappilattoq (Upernavik), Ammassivik , Napasoq , Itilleq , Sarfannguit , Kitsissuarsuit , Akunnaaq , Ikamiut , Saqqaq , Qeqertaq , Ilimanaq , Oqaatsut , Kangerluk , Saattut , Qaarsut , Ukkusissat , Illorsuit , Nuugaatsiaq , Niaqornat , Innaarsuit , Naajaat , Kangersuatsiaq , Upernavik Kujalleq , Isortoq , Tiniteqilaaq , Kulusuk , Sermiligaaq , Siorapaluk , Savissivik ,


Funtua , Rima River , Katsina River , Ka River, Zamfara River, Balle , Makwa , Kebbe ,


IPCC Fourth Assessment Report , ACEA agreement Biofuels directive, Emission test cycle, Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry, CDM Gold Standard


Hypoxylon, Trametes versicolor, 22-spot ladybird Fomitopsis pinicola, Iris latifolia, Gymnocheta viridis, Leptarthrus brevirostris Phyllobius Russula virescens , Russula ochroleuca , Russula mairei , Russula vesca , Russula xerampelina, Russula emetica , Agaricus impudicus, Ornithogalum dubium


Bert Metz, Ogunlade Davidson, José Goldemberg, Wim Turkenburg, Ejnar Mikkelsen, Oliver Shanti, Roger Bate, Richard Tren, Julian Morris, Jose Basulto, Christopher Hohn,

Organizations & Companies

Essent, CE Delft, Ecofys, Econcern, FairFood, Banco Espírito Santo, Fortis MeesPierson, The Children's Investment Fund, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (MNP), Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), European Committee on Radiation Risks, Africa Fighting Malaria, Renewable Energy Foundation, Acción Ecológica, Face Foundation


MacBride report, Global Reporting Initiative

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