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Jen Wike is a writer, editor, and content strategist. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Jen is a content editor and strategist for, an online publication and community service of Red Hat that shares the stories of people, businesses, educators, and governments who use open source software, hardware, and/or methodologies. New stories daily, free eBooks and other resources, contests, and more! Follow on Twitter @opensourceway.

Jen runs the blog, Downtown Dame: a fresh perspective on living in downtown Raleigh. With tremendous growth in the downtown area, especially over the last five years, this blog aims to cover new openings, festivals, businesses, people, and the energy of the revitalization of downtown. Follow on Twitter @downtowndame.


Jen crafts handmade greeting cards and prints with her sister at Darling and Dear. Designs are hand carved from linoleum into stamps, hand printed onto each card (recycled paper), and each message is handwritten. A completely handmade card from start to finish, with a small ecological footprint. The way giving cards is meant to be: fun and guilt-free!

Jen is also co-writing and editing an eBook about community gardening and composting with a neighbor in Raleigh.

Other work[edit]

Jen was the technical editor for Jason Hibbet's book, The foundation for an open source city.

Jen was the assistant director for Paul Sapp's short film, Trust.


Jen was a sports writer for Statesville Senior High School and graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor's degree in Communications (Public Relations) and a minor in Spanish.

From public relations to medicine, she earned a Nurse Aid certification and cared for a young child with a genetic disorder. Afterwards, she joined a media company as a healthcare copywriter and editor. At that time, Jen wrote a few news articles for the Raleigh Public Record and feature articles for The Triangle Dog. In 2010, she started the blog, Downtown Dame. In 2012, she joined as a copy editor.

Today, Jen is a content editor and strategist at, blogs at Downtown Dame, and crafts greeting cards for Darling and Dear.