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Smiley.svg Peace dove.svg Cheeseburger.png Smiley.svg Thumbs-up-icon.svg Sea.jpg
A Smile A Dove A Cheeseburger A Random Smile Good Job Water award
Awarded by:
Cabe6403 Koman90 Acather96 TomasBat Elipongo Puffin' Let's talk!
30 December 2008 06 January 2010 25 May 2010 19 January 2011 10 March 2011 14 August 2011
Latkes.jpg Dobos cake (Gerbeaud Confectionery Budapest Hungary).jpg
Latkes Dobos Torte
Awarded by:
Breawycker 7&6=thirteen
10 December 2011 15 March 2014

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