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Arkham Asylum is a hospital for the criminally insane and mentally disturbed. It is a hospital where everyone is treated for mental illnesses. This is Wikipedia is dedicated to all the inmates that have previously and currently staying at Arkham Ayslum. With this page I hope to gather pyschological illness and treatments. I hope to give better insight to some of the "Dark Knights" more devious enemies. Please note that no criminal, no matter how "small time" he is will be left out. I would also like to state that this is not the Gotham City Police Department, so unless a criminal has been treated at Arkham, please do not add him to our treatment list.

Also any theraphist or doctors of any kind who would like to add their veiw on these subjects is welcome to. The more accurate the information the better. Before people start to think this wiki will be a short one, please remember that there are many people who don't have a firm grip on their sanity in Gotham.

I hope to gather much information from many batman fans and doctors who are willing to help contribute to these files. These "patients" could show people symptoms and cures. It would show that some of these criminials choose to remain insane. It would also show that some want to be cured, but lack the emotional strength be cured. Let us show people the dark side of Gotham and how the insane are being helped to the best of the doctors and theraphist knowledge.



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