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Hello, readers. I am a resident of Springfield Township, Summit County, Ohio. I graduated from Springfield High

School in 2002, and am currently a student at the University of Akron. I have one brother, Josh, who is also a Wikipedia editor: User:JoshMcCracken. I'm also on Wikibooks. While you're here, take a look at my portal.

What I do here

I spend a lot of time helping with impasses- third opinions, Requests for Comment, and the Mediation Cabal.

I also comment frequently in AfDs and RfDs. One of my biggest pet peeves in the process is the tagging of brand new articles. I go by WP:INSPECTOR (and very much like the idea of WP:HOTTIE). In that vein, I love doing this.

You might find me at Editor Assistance or WP:Reference desk/Computing.

Of course, I also do editing. I've tried to do some maintenance as well as requested articles. If I made a stub, and seriously misinterpreted something, it's probably because I know nothing about the topic, and was trying to write off of sources only. Wikipedia is all about the editors, so feel free to be bold and make the article better.

I support the right to edit by IP address. See WP:Welcome anonymous editing and the rejected proposal, Wikipedia:Editors should be logged in users.

Oh yeah, and I'm briefly mentioned at WP:LAME#Hogenakkal_Falls. It was I who brought the map. Hey, I was just trying to help at an RfC! Actually, using a map constitutes an OR, but I was hoping to show that it was close enough to be indistinguishable- a print map would be the same way. Maybe "...on or near the border of..."


I've made one technical contribution to wikipedia, ContribsTab. It's a user script; check it out.

What I'm proud of

I caught vandalism which ensured the survival of Kingdom of Humanity through its deletion discussion. It was IP vandalized; the IP then nominated it for deletion. The Kingdom is is in the area of China; after some digging, I found that a blocked user with an anti-China bias was making the mess. I exposed this, and the article stayed. A couple of people voted without looking for the pre-IP-vandalized version; always check these things! I was credited with "diligence", for which I'm flattered, and got some great help from some users. Later on, I grabbed some print sources and merged it into a beefed-up Republic of Morac-Songhrati-Meads.

Webby Awards had a nasty content dispute going on. Accusations of bad faith flew, and a couple of (too) quick-acting administrators were about to block one user as disruptive. It wound up at WP:AN/I and WP:EAR; I said it was a content dispute and not a single problem editor. After an article lockdown and discussion, a compromise edit was reached, and nobody got blocked. The power of compromise.

Uncredited articles

I've taken too long a few times and didn't get credit for an article I wrote. So, here they are:

My start on Wikipedia

I've tracked down my very first edits as two IPs:

If I'm remembering right, my very first edit was to create the Adventure Game Toolkit article. That's assuming I didn't do something before this, and can't remember it :-) It also seems that I created the article for my hometown and surname, neither of which I'd remembered doing. Looking back, the latter was mainly OR, and I'd mixed up some as well.

April Fools


I launched a prank that got reverted in less than half an hour. Does nobody have a sense of humor? Anyway, here is what I did:

Internet: [1] Wikipedia: [2]
YouTube: [3] Facebook: [4]
MySpace: [5] Yahoo: [6]
Google: [7] Talk:Internet: [8]

This wasn't up long enough to get any responses. Yes, there's a rickroll thrown in there.

Oh yeah- check out this other one that I put my two cents into.

— Wikipedian  —
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Editor resources


A little bit simpler this year; kept it in the talk space:

A few fictional characters appeared on Wikipedia:

(Thanks to user:Dp76764 for cleaning up my mess, but don't worry, I'd have gotten them in about a half hour!)

Also, see my comments at:

Pointless trivia

According to Wikipedia:Village pump (proposals)/Archive 23#31 March 2008 - a day for Wikipedians to remember, Wikipedia's overall 10 millionth article was the Hungarian version of Nicholas Hilliard. If you look at the English version, it was created by an IP (back when IPs could create articles). That IP is, the one now indef-blocked as that of one of the most well known Wikipedia vandals, User:Willy on Wheels. That blew my mind.