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I've taught film and television studies in the Telecommunication and Film Department at the University of Alabama since 1980 and been a visiting professor at the University of Arizona. I've been involved with college and Public radio since 1972 and currently host "All Things Acoustic" on Alabama Public Radio.

I'm the author of Television Style (NY: Routledge, 2010), Television: Critical Methods and Applications, 4th edition (New York: Routledge, 2012) and the editor of Star Texts: Image and Performance in Film and Television (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1991).

My previous encyclopedia-writing experience was for the Encyclopedia of Television.


I am not Jeremy Edward Butler (my father) or Jeremy Ian Galbraith Butler (my son). And I am not most of the Jeremy Butlers to turn up in a Google search.

Online projects[edit]

  • Crappy Software blog — "so much crappy software in the world..."
  • Screen-L — an email discussion group for film/TV studies. Founded Fri, 15 Mar 1991 19:42:11 CST.
  • ScreenSite — a resource for film/TV students and teachers. Founded 1994.
  • ScreenLex — a pronunciation guide for film/TV students.
  • Shot Logger — a database of editing statistics, based on shot lengths.
  • Laugh Logger — a database of laughtrack statistics, based on the interval between laughs.
  • — the companion Website for the book, Television: Critical Methods and Applications
  • Television Style -- the companion Website for the book, Television Style
  • My official homepage
  • The TCF Department
  • I've been participating in Wikipedia since 17:36, 23 March 2005 — starting out as JButler. I didn't like that account name, because of its funky capitalization (i.e., Jbutler and jbutler don't equal JButler on Wikipedia). When I realized you could create an account name with a space in it, I switched to Jeremy Butler (27 August 2005).
    • Under the deprecated account, "JButler," I made 135 edits. And as "Jeremy Butler," I have so far made 5,187 edits (as of 30 July 2016). For an up-to-date edit count, click here. I'm mostly interested in articles dealing with folk music and film and television studies.

Online projects graveyard[edit]

  • ScreenTags — an archive for film/TV hashtags culled from Twitter.
  • The Internet Folk Radio List — a directory of hundreds of radio programs that feature folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter, and international music.

Things to remember when wikiing[edit]

Stuff I constantly have to look up.

Ongoing projects[edit]