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I proposed this logo concept in December, 2005. The winning proposal
FEATURED PICTURE: Computer mouse

Jeremy Kemp, Ed.D., M.Ed., M.S.J.

San José State University
jkemp {at}



Animated narrative vignette, Big data, Bloody show, Born-digital, Carefree sundial, Cheryl Burke, Chinese garden, Door god, Elliptical trainer, Integrative_learning, James MacGregor Burns, Laser line level, Laurence F. Johnson, Mambonsai, Oplatki, Paul Masson, Standardized patient, Tule shoe

Major revisions[edit]

Barry Humphries, Professional employer organization, Episiotomy,


Tourism Photos[edit]

Ardee Ireland, Chicago Board of Trade, Christmas Tree, Door god, St. Stephen's Green Dublin Ireland, Sun Yat-sen, Taiwanese_aborigine

Descriptive Photos[edit]

Basket, Baseball glove, Boggle, Computer mouse, Fortune teller, Garter_(clothing), Laser line level, Rice cooker, Scrabble, Wedding_cake, Wedding_dress, Obstetric ultrasonography

Vector Illustrations[edit]

Anchor, Bay to Breakers, Blind spot (automobile), Defensive driving, Diagram, Doppler Effect, Earth, Episiotomy, Four square, Hype cycle, Program Evaluation and Review Technique, Path of least resistance, Pournelle Chart, Root canal, Standard Deviation, Tracheotomy

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