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Jerome Charles Potts
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  • I am a believer of Michel Potay's Revelation of Arès, and, accordingly, of theistic evolution.
  • February 6, 2007: I just read, for the first time, the Iraqi insurgency page, and i am astonished by the lousiness of that article. And i'm not even a news junkie, far from it. I found copyright violation + a load of bullshit (unsubtantiated "information") which makes me think that the page is not monitored very well, and that to my great surprise.

...which follows by this rant:

Warning to the reader[edit]

O reader, you should beware of what you read in here. How to sort it out ? Well, if an article has a good number of footnotes, themselves pointing to a bibliography, and the associated discussion page is interesting/impressive to read, then you can trust most of what you are finding (go have a look at WP:SOURCES). Otherwise, do your own homework. But don't be too disappointed, because what's in here helps you with that.

So, when you stumble across a web site which copies the Wikipedia entries regardless of quality, such as, you should turn around and run the other way. Either those people are stupid, or they count on you to be stupid, to take advantage of you. I suspect it is both: they count on you to be stupid, to take advantage of you, and that is stupid.

End of warning to the reader[edit]

  • Oh, yeah, i forgot: "No soup for you!". One day i'll be him. ma vengeance sera terrible!
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