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Bratwurst.jpg Kiszona kapusta.JPG Spätzle-02.jpg Though being of partly German heritage, and born in perhaps the most Germanic of US cities, this Wikipediauserenmitspectaclen bratwurstesser sauerkrautprobioticmunchenchewermassivepilen dumplinglovensmelltastern Spätzleslurpgulpisch furtakenaafterlunchsleepynap ist niengversprechenbutforgreetenhowdywelcomthanks das nienDeutschlandenresidentenlivinghome mit learnen longenwordstringmashtogethersch viacausemaken und großgutbellylauffen wunderbarteachernonsensenverbiage von Danny Kaye.

Good day.

Thank you for taking some of your valuable Wikitime to read my Wikipedia user page.

On Wikipedia, I pursue mostly WikiGnome-ish activities. Sometimes I do a bit more. I hope that what I have done is of value to someone.


Of many things I consider very seriously, one is objectivity, or neutrality in Widipedia nomenclature. I try very hard to be neutral. But, no editor can be fully neutral in all ways, no matter how great our efforts. At least two kinds of neutrality clearly exist: attitudinal and functional. We all have many biases, of many types, and these effect our thoughts and actions. Attitude issues are the easiest to counter, mostly by consciously monitoring ourselves and working to be deliberately neutral in our actions. Functional issues are much harder to counter. We all have varied strengths and weaknesses, areas of knowledge and ignorance. Thus we work in areas we know, and perform actions we understand, and tend to perform less well outside that range. Where I do this, and accidentally harm or confuse anyone, I apologize. Tell me and I will act to improve my results.

Edit summaries[edit]

Edit summary notes are highly useful for documenting our work for others. I have devised some for my use, but they may also be useful for others, so I have listed them on an edit summaries page. These notes are never a form of attack. They exist to inform others of exactly what I have done and why, and to help them find useful and germane parts of the Wikipedia:Manual of Style from which they may learn and become better editors.

I have also begun creating a few userboxes. As with all I do, if you like one, or more, please feel free to use it-them.

WikiProject Software Announcement[edit]


Tasks to Finish[edit]

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

WikiProject Software To Do List[edit]

WikiProject Software

WikiProject Software