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Table of Editors since Conversions[edit]

Italicized editors edited one page, with the portion they edited later moving to another

Page CnvrsnDate Dey yaz J ni W.m arsh Other Registered Editors

with User Pages

Red-Lk'd Ret'd Edrs IPs
Ae 06 Jan 9 Setne (t c)
Bera-Berm 05 Dec 20 d Gidonb (t c) TreyHarris (t c)
Bern-Berz 05 Dec 20 d w Zoicon5 (t c) HowardBerry (t c)
Caa-Cal 05 Nov 4 d j Llywrch (t c) Rockero (t c) (t c)
Chb-Che 06 Jan 12 d
Chf-Chq 06 Jan 18 d JzG (t c) Violncello (t c) Bigbrothertoday (t c) (t c) (t c)
Cle 06 Feb 9 Jim Bruce (t c)
Clf-Clz 05 Oct 25 d j
Consa-Conss 05 Oct 25
Const 05 Oct 25 d
Doa-Dom 05 Nov 4 d j Grenavitar (t c) (t c) (t c)
Don 05 Nov 3 j Ceyockey (t c) Carabinieri (t c)

Lambiam (t c)

Frencheigh (t c) Darius Dhlomo (t c)

AlistairMcMillan (t c) CatherineMunro (t c) (t c) (t c)
Doo-Doz 05 Nov 3 d j Frencheigh (t c) Darius Dhlomo (t c)

AlistairMcMillan (t c) CatherineMunro (t c) (t c)
Fis 06 Jan 20 d Jashiin (t c) Buldożer (t c) (t c) (t c)
Haa 05 Dec 9 j Afasmit (t c) (t c)
Ly 05 Nov 17 d (t c)
Sf-Sg 06 Jan 19 Robert Weemeyer (t c)
Sl 06 Jan 4 d Slowtec (t c)
Ts-Tt 06 Jan 11 MK2 (t c)
Ty 06 Jan 4 d j
Web 05 Nov 11 d w Rwebber (t c)
Wu 05 Nov 4 JIP (t c) Badagnani (t c) Dunemaire (t c)
Wv-Wz 05 Nov 4 d TrafficBenBoy (t c) MCiura (t c)