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Hi all,

The current wikiarticle I am working on is the Monterey clipper.

Currently, spending about 1/2 of my time cleaning up this page, and working on Dead-end and Orphaned articles.


My Contributions and Work[edit]


Wiki In-Progess[edit]

All dates and time are Pacific time.

Article Last Work Period Planned Work
Mark Dice March 21, 2017 Making correction to header.
China Basin Landing June 1, 2014 Rewrite in progress.
Mike Boich June 1, 2014 Intial Entry

Wiki Disputes[edit]

Wiki Continuing[edit]

These articles I make constant additions and revisions, I work in RWC and live in MP.

Article Completed Work Done
San Mateo County, California 2007-10-21 Update and Add.
Rancho de las Pulgas 2014-10-31 Inital Entry, recently minor a correction.
Redwood City, California 2006-06-30 Links to Galleries on my Website
Menlo Park, California 2006-06-30 Photos to 'Features' Section

Wiki Done[edit]

These are done, but since information, or time, is limited I will add information as I find either.

Article Completed Work Done
Opuntia 2014-10-05 Created edible list from web listing.
Astaxanthin 2009-05-03 Clean-up added material and fix references.
" 2006-05-14 Rewrite Completed
Maria Soledad Ortega de Argüello 2007-10-21 Initial Entry from scratch
Sherburne F. Cook 2006-11-03 Initial Entry from scratch
Faxon Dean Atherton 2006-11-03 Initial Entry from scratch
Alexander Smith Taylor 2006-10-24 Research, Add, Finalize
Lamchin 2006-10-16 Complete Rewrite
Insectary plants 2006-05-16 Initial Entry from scratch
[Crown roast]] 2006-05-09 Initial Entry from scratch withdrawn as WP:OR

Wiki Now Okay[edit]

I don't plan on making any major changes to these articles, other than those I've already made.

Article Completed Work Done
Imidacloprid 2008-08-12 Added History section, references, cleanup and add links.
John Lawson Stoddard 2008-07-30 Updates and corrections.
Charles M. Russell 2008-07-25 Updates and correction from bio.
Will D. Howe 2008-07-16 Initial entry, cat, stub
Reynal and Hitchcock 2008-07-16 Initial entry, cat, stub
Curtice Hitchcock 2008-07-16 Initial entry, cat, stub
Eugene Reynal 2008-07-16 Initial entry, cat, stub
Donald Clifford Brace 2008-07-16 Initial entry, cat, stub
Alfred Harcourt 2008-07-16 Initial entry, cat, stub
William Hayes (organist) 2008-07-15 Initial entry, cat, stub
Blue Ribbon Books 2008-07-15 Initial entry, cat, stub
Luis Antonio Argüello 2007-10-21 Multiple corrections.
Olompali State Historic Park 2006-10-25 Initial entry, cat, stub, wikify, external
Canthaxanthin 2006-10-19 rewrite
Jay Ryan 2006-09-01 Decide not to make any changes.
Mexican Revolution Literature 2006-08-17 (cleanup, wikify, stub, cat)
Enrique González Martínez 2006-08-17 Initial Entry, wikify, external, stub, cat
Pescadero State Beach 2006-08-15 Initial entry, cat, stub
Pacifica State Beach 2006-08-15 Initial entry, cat, stub
Montara State Beach 2006-08-15 Initial entry, cat, stub
Waverly Route Heritage Association 2006-08-09 Initial entry, cat, stub
George Bennard 2006-08-06 Clean up, cat, stub
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals 2006-08-06 Rewrite remove copyvio
Denison Witmer 2006-08-06 Rewrite remove copyvio
Johann Jacob Bach 2006-08-06 Initial Entry from request list
Yrjö Kilpinen 2006-08-03 Additional information. First source cited.
Emile Pessard 2006-07-30 Initial Entry from listed source (requested via music encyclopdia project)
CDC National AIDS Hotline 2006-07-20 Initial Entry from scratch (was on Most Wanted List)
Basil Weedon 2006-05-09 Addition

Wiki Abandon Efforts[edit]

I don't plan on making any changes to these articles. It's been years since, or it's too difficult to watchdog.

Article Completed Work Done
Jay and Silent Bob August 2008 Rewrite in progress.
Ohlone 2006-2007 Research, Add
Salmon 2006-2007 Research
PubMed 2006-2007 Mini-Howto
Insectary plants 2007 Rewrite and extend

Wiki Images[edit]

Images I've donated to wikipedia.

Wiki Cleanup[edit]

Wiki Watchdog[edit]

These article I'm watchdoging and making minor revisions. I don't have time to fix them.


  • [Rpoints]] - self promotion
  • [Greasypalm]] - self promotion
  • [Canthaxanthin]] rewriten Oct, 2006
  • [World Animal Foundation]] -> Deleted in Oct, 2006
  • []] - self promotion -> Deleted July, 2006
  • [Responses of Germany and Japan to World War II crimes]] - July 23, 2006 - cleanup-date|June 2005->Essay-entry -> Redirected Aug, 2006

Wiki Abandon Watchdog[edit]

Wiki Inaccurate[edit]



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