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About BlackPearl14

Hello, the Username is "JesterCountess" I haven't been too active on Wikipedia in a long time, but now that I have the time, I'm going through and revising my watchlists to see what I need to work the most on ;)

NEW: IN NEED OF USERBOXES? Then go to the section labelled "My Pages" - it has a link to a page of some of my userboxes.

Thank you to Muslim Hybrid for my barnstars. Much appreciated.

My Barnstars

What I do at Wikipedia

I revert vandalism quite a bit on several articles using the administrator-granted "rollback rights," earlier with Twinkle.

I am a Principal Contributor of most of the Pirates of the Caribbean articles. (Good articlePirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl/Good articleDead Man's Chest/Good articleAt World's End)

(You can access the articles here.)

I'm working on several Vampire articles, so I can't condense them onto one checklist, but be assured, The Vampire Chronicles are certainly a part of that:

New: since I'm a history junkie, I'm working on that too, starting primarily with the Tudor Era. More on my workplate? Sure, but it's well worth it.


Wikipedia Articles

WikiProjects and Contributions

Pirates of the Caribbean: Primary Contributions (shared)

I contribute entirely to all Pirates of the Caribbean articles!! AMAZING FILMS The articles are listed here:

WikiProject: Piracy

I am one of the few currently active members of WikiProject Piracy. Here is a link to things we, on the whole, work on:

Tudor Dynasty

AND PLANTAGENETS! Part of English Royalty

Image Name Claim to the throne Birth date Accession date Death date Marriage(s)
Henry Seven England.jpg Henry VII Descent from Edward III of England 28 January 1457 22 August 1485 (crowned 30 October 1485) 21 April 1509 Elizabeth of York
Henry-VIII-kingofengland 1491-1547.jpg Henry VIII Son of Henry VII 28 June 1491 21 April 1509 (crowned 24 June 1509) 28 January 1547 (I) Catherine of Aragon, (II) Anne Boleyn, (III) Jane Seymour, (IV) Anne of Cleves, (V) Catherine Howard, (VI) Catherine Parr
Edward VI of England c. 1546.jpg Edward VI Son of Henry VIII by Jane Seymour 12 October 1537 28 January 1547 (crowned 20 February 1547) 6 July 1553
Streathamladyjayne.jpg Jane Great granddaughter of Henry VII, Henry VIII's sister's granddaughter Mary Brandon (née Tudor), Duchess of Suffolk 1537 10 July 1553 (never crowned) 12 February 1554 executed Lord Guildford Dudley
Mary I of England.jpg Mary I Daughter of Henry VIII by Catherine of Aragon 18 February 1516 19 July 1553 (crowned 1 October 1553) 18 November 1558 Philip II of Spain
Elizabeth1England.jpg Elizabeth I Daughter of Henry VIII by Anne Boleyn 7 September 1533 17 November 1558 (crowned 15 January 1559) 24 March 1603


My favorite series is the Nolan series, because of the portrayals that I envisioned (e.g. more grungier, darker, less "humorous," for example, with Jim Carrey's Riddler).

BATMAN section of this:

Catholic Schools: Shared Contributions/Editor

I am a contributor and editor to the following projects:

Completely Authored/Sole Primary Contributions

The following are articles I have written on my own with no help but from sources:

:: Help and Links

  • The Welcoming Committee, if you want to join, is a great way to create good connections with new users and make it a nice way for them to get to know about Wikipedia!
  • Speedy Deletion Page - good for tags that you need if deleting a page (because it's against policies) is necessary ;)
  • User Talk Namespace - filled with warning tags you may need to use on a user's talk page depending on his/her contribs.
  • Sock Puppets - if you have evidence that a user is using his/her account and IP's or different accounts for disruptive purposes, file a case here.
  • The Help Desk - any questions can be answered here, or on my talk page.

If anyone needs any help with editing or an article - basically, with any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact me on my talk page. I am available, most of the time, to help you out with anything you might not understand, that you have a concern about, that you need to question, etc.

I am here for you! If you feel I have acted inappropriate in any situation, then do let me know. I'd like feedback on my work so I can improve and be of better assistance!