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Hi, I'm 15 going on 16....I have a number of things I would love to do, such as, being a voice actress....being a singer....being a writer, being a tv, movie, and music video director/producer. I want to be alot of things, I always practice on my singing....I practice on my voices, I have numerous ones....I'll list them here:

1. A British person 2. An old Jewish man with a New York accent 3. A girl with a Spanish-sounding accent 4. An Italian mobster with a New York or New Jersey accent--I need more practice on this one 5. An old rich Mexican man--ex. Senor Senior Senior from Kim Possible 6. An Irish person--I need more practice on this one 7. I kinda sound like Lois from Family Guy 8. A preppy girl--Oh my gosh! 9. A little boy or girl 10. I kinda sound like Patrick from SpongeBob

...I can't think of anymore right at this moment but when I do, I'll put it on this page...

Well, back to the other side of me....I sing, I sing alot more R&B now....I wasn't really into R&B back then like I am now, on occasion I do listen to my rock music or pop music...oh yeah I totally love country, that's about it.

I write short stories, I started at a young fisrt story was called Lily-Dee-Lop, it was about a flower in a rain forest but suddenly the rain forest stopped raining, ironically. After a long hiatus, I wrote me a short story called The 16th Husband in 9th grade last year, in the same year I wrote a play called Am I a Hippie? it's currently unfinished. This year I had to write my version of the Monkey's Paw it was Christian-based, and I got an 100 on it. This was back in November....I haven't written anything since then, so I'll have to work on it.

I can't actually direct right at this moment, I don't have a would be really awesome because I could direct myself and tell you all about my life, and I can walk around and find some random celebrity to interview them**

If you wanna know more about me go to to talk to me, so you can find out more about me....I don't answer personal questions, so please don't ask. --JesusFreak 15 ♥Tori Miaami 21:01, 26 December 2006 (UTC)