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Hello everyone! I'm Typ Jextredo, and I'm from Andalusia (Spain).

About me[edit]

es Este usuario tiene el español como lengua materna.
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fr-2 Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau intermédiaire en français.
ca-2 Aquest usuari pot contribuir amb un nivell mitjà de català.
ja-1 この利用者は初級日本語ができます。
LE-0 This individual still maintains a shred of dignity in this insane world by adhering to correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation.
sar-N This user is a native speaker of sarcasm. Isn't that just great?
... This user would like to be able to speak more languages.
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Flag of Spain.svg This user is Spanish.
Bandera de Andalucia.svg This user comes from Andalusia.
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Noia 64 apps karm.svg This user has been on Wikipedia for 4 years, 3 months and 11 days.
Warp pipe edited.PNG This user plays games in the Super Mario series.
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Wii console.png This user is a Nintendo fanboy.
Wii console.png This user owns a Wii and thinks that it's a great deal!


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This user's favorite character from the Mario series is Luigi, Mario's brother.
SM64 This user plays Super Mario 64 and/or its remake.
SMB This user plays Super Mario Bros.
SMB3 This user plays Super Mario Bros. 3
NSMB This user plays New Super Mario Bros.
P This user plays Pokémon games.
B This user plays Pokémon Blue.
Y This user plays Pokémon Yellow.
G This user plays Pokémon Gold.
C This user plays Pokémon Crystal.
R This user plays Pokémon Ruby.
E This user plays Pokémon Emerald.
FR This user plays Pokémon FireRed.
D This user plays Pokémon Pearl.
P This user plays Pokémon Platinum.
HG This user plays Pokémon HeartGold.
B This user plays Pokémon Black.
W This user plays Pokémon White.
B2 This user plays Pokémon Black 2.
W2 This user plays Pokémon White 2.
MEW This user is a Pokémon evolutionist, and believes that all Pokémon evolved from Mew.
Α This user is a Pokétheist: Arceus created the universe, and the Legends should be worshipped. Ω

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(-o-) This user plays the Pokémon RPGs and other related video games.
Z This user plays Zelda games.
SC This user plays SimCity.
SC4 This user's city is much better than Defacto's.
fan-3 This user loves Vocaloid.
Cyprus-topographic map-en.svg This user is interested in maps.
This user thinks that too many people have no idea how to use words that they should have learned in grade two.
This user thinks that there are too many people who don’t know that they're worse than their own children at spelling!
This user thinks that if your grammar is incorrect, then you’re in need of help.
8 This user's favorite number is 8.
Pagan symbol male phallus.svg This user is male.
This user was born in the year of the Snake. Snake.svg
Aries This user is an Aries.

It’s really not that hard to use each word in its proper manner.
16% This user has been a Wikipedian for 15.9% of their life.
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This user uses Google Maps.
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This user watches videos on YouTube.
Laptop 01.svg This user contributes using a laptop.
Microsoft Windows (8)
Map of Europe (political).png This user is of Eurasian ancestry. Asia-map.png
Audacity.png This user records with Audacity.
^_^ This user watches anime.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user has left the planet Earth 0 times.
This user has visited 1 continent(s).
World map.png This user has visited 1 countries in the world.

Flag of Japan.svg This user would like to visit Japan.
Flag of France.svg This user would like to visit France.
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg This user would like to visit United Kingdom.
Flag of the United States.svg This user would like to visit United States.
Northern Hemisphere Azimuthal projections.svg This user has never left the Northern and Western hemispheres. Western Hemisphere LamAz.png
No Religion.svg This user believes any universe would be a happier, safer and saner place if there were no religion.
Francisco de Zurbarán 057.jpg This user is interested in ghosts.
Fates tapestry -460755563.jpg This user is interested in the concepts of destiny or fate.
This user is interested in Karma.
ath This user is interested in atheism.
S This user is spiritual but not religious.
Crane suture metopique 01 04 2012 1.jpg This user believes that when you die, YOU DIE!!.
cvg-4 This user is an expert gamer.
Gamepad.svg This user is addicted to video games.
This user is interested in video game development.
Rounded Rectangles.svg This user plays games on the Nintendo DS portable console.
+ This user plays retro games. Circle - black simple.svg Circle - black simple.svg
fan-0 This user dislikes the computer or video game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.
fan-2 This user loves the computer or video game Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
fan-3 This user thinks that Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is the best computer or video game ever made.
AC This user plays the Animal Crossing series.
Vista-fedora.png This user knows where in the world Carmen Sandiego is.
KH This user plays the Kingdom Hearts series.
Musical note nicu bucule 01.svg This user enjoys pop music.
ubx This user uses userboxes.
... This user would like to be able to speak many more languages.
This user is not yet dead.
Please check back later...
This user is an ageless immortal.
teen This user is a teenager, not a stereotype.
Y This user is a member of
Generation Y.
M This user is a member of the millennial generation.
Héraldique meuble Fleur de lys lissée.svg This user is of French ancestry.
0 This user has no children.
SIS This user has a Big Sister
Emblem-favorites.svg This user LOVES you!!! YOU
Youtube icon.svg This user has an account on YouTube as {{{1}}}.
Google 2015 logo.svg This user uses Google as a primary search engine.
Butterfly rainbow colored.png This user uses MSN Hotmail as a primary email service.
UTorrent (logo).png This user uses µTorrent.
Google Chrome icon (2011).svg This user contributes using
Google Chrome. and surfs faster than you.

Crystal Clear app date.png Today is 23 February 2018
Earthshine 2005-09-01.jpg This user is nocturnal. Square-townsend-fledermaus.jpg
No Day Like Today.jpg This user sleeps, but not for predictable amounts of time.
Windup alarm clock.jpg This user observes Daylight Saving Time.
Blue question mark.svg This user frequently experiences déjà vu.
Right hand.png This user is right-handed.
. The This user does not put two spaces after a full stop.
by This user has no opinion about the passive voice.
who This user prefers using who for both the object and subject case. Who does it hurt to simplify things?
This user typically uses "which" and "that" interchangeably.
“,;:’ This user is a punctuation stickler.
A, B, and
A and B
This user prefers to use the serial comma only when its omission can be confusing.
"…" This user favours typewriter style quotation marks over typographic ones.
This user is addicted to ellipses and has been known to use them indiscriminately...
AIM-4 Dis d00d has a near-native understanding of da IM me! wordz!!!!!1111 :p
Cprompt-TFI.png This user once used DOS back in the day.

This user remembers
Microsoft Windows 9x