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Pages Created is a user script that generates a list of all the articles created by a user. There's already a tool that does this at Wikimedia Tool Labs ([1]), but it's incredibly slow, gives you no indication of progress, and seems to be quite taxing on the server. This script is a lot faster, and shows the results as it finds them, not all at once when it's finished.

The new has none of the problems of the old script.


To install, add the following line to your common.js or vector.js files:

importScript("User:Jfmantis/pagesCreated.js"); // [[User:Jfmantis/pagesCreated.js]]

After saving, refresh the page (you may need to bypass your cache). A link to run the script will be added to the bottom of the toolbox on user and user talk pages.


  • identify which pages are redirects

 Green tickY open in new tab/window

  • option to sort pages alphabetically
  • (maybe) find pages created in other namespaces