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Hi my name is Johanan Raatz I'm a physics student at the University of Milwaukee Wisconsin. My interests include theoretical physics in particular quantum gravity, biotechnology, computational sociology and sociobiology and their relationship to memetics, philosophy in particular Stoicism and Neoplatonism as well as ontology, neoconservative and Straussian politics, science fiction, evolutionary developmental biology, and biotechnology. I wrote columns for the UWM Times one of the student newspapers on my campus in spring of 2006 before it closed, and now write for the University Standard which is the first student newspaper to be published in multiple universities in my state. I also lifeguard and teach swim lessons at the Schroeder YMCA.

My Contributions[edit]

Pages I Have Created:

Fetal rights



Prenatal discrimination

Pre-Iraq War Intel Conspiracy Theory

Pages I Have Contributed Significantly To:

Holographic Principle (Variations of the holographic principle)

Heteronormativity (Beneficial aspects of heteronormativity)