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My name is Jessica Graves. I was born in Paducah, Kentucky and have lived there all my life. I dont plan to move any time soon.


Im about 5'3" or so. Blondish brownish long hair. I have blue eyes, freckles, and im pretty skinny.

Home Life[edit]

Well, im the youngest of two children. I have one older brother named Daniel. I grew up in a good Christian Baptist home.

Musical Interests[edit]

I absolutely love music! I recently converted to mostly Christian music. I like Christian Rock, Christian Alternative, Christian Rap, Christian Hip-Hop, and a lot of other Christian stuff. I also play guitar in a Christian band.


Im a strong Baptist, as I said earlier. I dont cuss and try to stay pure as much as possible.


Most of my activities revolve around church and youth group outings. I also love to go shopping and hang out with all my friends.

Sexuality/Marital Status[edit]

Im heterosexual(straight). I currently have an adorably sweet boyfriend named Anthony (to see his wiki click here).


I currently have 2 dogs. They are both half lab, half retriver. The mom's name is Sophie. The baby is Toby. Sophie is 7 as of 2007, and Toby is 5. I also have 2 cats. A black one named Misty who is quite timid, and a white one named Brinkley who is just a big baby. Ive got a fish tank, too, but I dont pay much attention to it.


I have a facebook and I have msn. My email is