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I joined Wikipedia for the main reason that I saw some inaccuracies, real or perceived, on LDS related pages. As a member of the LDS Church and a Wikipedia Editor, my main focus is LDS-related pages, however, if and when I come across inaccuracies in other articles that might catch my interest, I have edited and will continue to edit them to reflect accurate information. In communications with others here on Wikipedia, the biggest lesson I have learned is that we can disagree without being disagreeable. I hope that with the work I do here, the articles I am interested in will become more accurate. I hope we can disagree without being disagreeable, because otherwise our efforts to work together for article accuracy will be in vain. I have worked with lots of wonderful people since joining Wikipedia as a registered user, and I sincerely hope to continue to do so. Best wishes to all who visit my page and interact with me here, and let me know if I'm doing anything wrong or if I can do anything more. Thanks again.

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I was born in 1986, and was diagnosed at birth with cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. One doctor told my parents to just take me home and love me because I would never be anything more than a limp noodle on a sofa. Thankfully, they chose not to listen. I credit all of my success in life to that fact. I have had numerous surgeries and anticipate some in the future. I have had physical therapy my entire life. I became an Eagle Scout in 2003. I graduated from American Fork High School (home of the Caveman) in 2005 with Gold Cord Honors and recognition from the National Honors Society. Prior to graduation, I received the President's Award for Educational Excellence. I served a part-time mission for the LDS Church, working with Welfare Services (the Humanitarian Program of the Church), and as a Temple Worker. In 2009, I attended a couple of semesters at BYU. My schooling was discontinued due to health problems. I got married in December 2010 in the Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple to a wonderful woman, with whom I hope to raise many children. I got my first job in November 2014 as a customer service representative for ROI Solutions, a company that contracts out to other companies. Right now, I am an order entry and member services rep for Young Living Essential Oils. However, my ultimate goal is to become a professional author. I already have several projects started that I am gradually working towards publishing. My first published piece appeared in the July 2015 Ensign. I am personally acquainted with Chris Heimerdinger and Brandon Sanderson, and the latter is working with me in getting my writing to a point where it can be published. Yes, I do edit their wiki articles, but I believe I can do so in a way that is in keeping with Wikipedia's policies about neutral point of view. I intend to live life to the fullest.

Wikipedia focus[edit]

At the top of this page, I explained that my main focus here on WP has been on articles about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have been an active member of the Church all my life, and I am always saddened, frustrated, and even angered when I come across inaccurate information about the Church in the public domain. Soon after I learned of Wikipedia's existence, I was stunned to observe many of those same inaccuracies in LDS articles. I therefore joined WP and am highly committed to keeping articles about the LDS Church accurate in accordance with WP policy. My contributions have not solely been limited to LDS articles though, and whenever I come across an article that captures my interest, I add it to my watchlist.

Mission statement/WP philosophy[edit]

When I joined WP, I added what I feel is an important phrase to my signature. The phrase is: "We can disagree without being disagreeable." That is something that I strongly believe, and is a deeply felt philosophy I try to use in determining what I do and say here on WP. Some of the best WP editors I have had interaction with are easy to work with, affable, kind, generous almost to a fault, understanding, and considerate. I hope that as a result of my work here on WP, many people will see me in that same light. If they do, my efforts have not been in vain. If they don't, obviously I dropped the ball somewhere. Differences of opinion are natural. What is unnatural is the way those differences of opinion are handled at times.

Criticism hurts, but I love it![edit]

If there's one thing I find hard to take, it's criticism. Most of the time, initially, I feel like I'm trying really hard to do everything right but it does no good. So usually at first, any criticism I receive cuts pretty deep. However, I have never once been criticized and NOT learned from it. I think my greatest moments of personal growth, both on and off WP, have come as I have taken critical comments for what they are worth, realized the truth and merit in them, and tried my best to improve my attitude and behavior as a result of them.

Questions, comments, complaints, concerns, overall gripes, etc.[edit]

I have also found it helpful when my fellow editors will ask me questions about ANY aspect of my work here on WP. Comments they have about it are gratefully received. Complaints, concerns and overall gripes, along with anything else you can think of, are always welcome by me. I would greatly appreciate it if ANY questions, comments, concerns, complaints, overall gripes, or anything else were brought to my attention. I am always pleased to answer any such inquiries on my talk page and will respond to them in as timely a manner as can be expected under the circumstances. I have greatly appreciated all that has been brought up there in the past, and I hope that such inquiries will continue as they are necessary. Also, if you have ANY suggestions about added content you would like to see here on my user page, give me a holler, and I'll take those under advisement. Best wishes once again to all who interact with me here, and let me know if I can do anything else.