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Qualtrics is a private research software company, based out of Provo, UT, that enables users to create their own Web-based surveys and conduct statistical analysis.[1] The company was founded in 1997[2] by Scott M. Smith, Ph.D.[3] Qualtrics offers a research suite that has been used to conduct research in academic, corporate, non-profit and government organizations.[4]

Qualtrics is an implementation metric[5] that provides a license allowing organizations to conduct research and use the research suite tool. Users can then use the tool directly.[6] The Qualtrics Research Suite builds the database and records the completed responses as they are submitted. The data may then be analyzed online, exported to Microsoft Excel, or imported into a dedicated statistical analysis program such as SPSS.[7]

Some institutions use this tool because it "combines exceptional ease of use with an advanced set of features." Quantitative statistical analysis performed with Qualtrics is cited in a number of professional and academic journals[8] and books.[9]

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