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This gallery shows all the pictures I have created for Wikipedia articles. I use a combination of Mathematica, Microsoft Word and Inkscape for SVG pictures, and POV-Ray for three-dimensional pictures.

Image for Baumslag-Solitar group[edit]

Baumslag-Solitar Cayley.svgBaumslag-Solitar Cayley 3D.svg

Image for Trigonal trapezohedron[edit]


Image for Homotopy[edit]


Image for Solenoid (mathematics)[edit]

Smale-Williams Solenoid Large.pngSolenoid.gif

Image for Quadrilateral[edit]

Six Quadrilaterals.svg

Unit circle picture[edit]

I added color to this already existing image. It is used in List of trigonometric identities, trigonometric functions, sine, and unit circle.

Unit circle angles color.svg

Images for Area[edit]

RectangleLengthWidth.svg ParallelogramArea.svg TriangleArea.svg CircleArea.svg

Image for Lantern relation[edit]


Image for Lissajous knot[edit]

Lissajous 8 21 Knot.png

Knot pictures[edit]

Blue Trefoil Knot.png Blue Figure-Eight Knot.png Blue Cinquefoil Knot.png Blue Three-Twist Knot.png Blue Stevedore Knot.png Blue 6 2 Knot.png Blue 6 3 Knot.png Blue 7 1 Knot.png Blue 7 2 Knot.png Blue 8 1 Knot.png Blue Square Knot.png Blue Granny Knot.png One-Twist Trefoil.png

Images for Borromean rings[edit]

Borromean Rings Illusion.png 3D Borromean Rings.png

Image for Tricolorability[edit]


Image for Inverse curve and Cardioid[edit]

Inverse Curves Parabola Cardioid.svg

Image for integral test and harmonic series[edit]

Integral Test.svg

Images for Lattice (group)[edit]

SquareLattice.svg Rectangular Lattice.svg Equilateral Triangle Lattice.svg Rhombic Lattice.svg Rhombic Lattice.svg Oblique Lattice.svg

Image for Fourier series[edit]

Fourier Series.svg

Image for Law of sines[edit]


Image for Vector field[edit]


Image for Piecewise-linear function[edit]


Animation for Winding number[edit]

Winding Number Animation Small.gif

Images for Winding number[edit]

Winding Number 3.svg Winding Number 2.svg Winding Number 1.svg Winding Number 0.svg Winding Number -1.svg Winding Number -2.svg Winding Number Around Point.svg

Image for Analytic geometry[edit]

Distance Formula.svg

Images for Linking number[edit]

3D-Link.PNG Link Crossings.svg Linking Number -2.svg Linking Number -1.svg Linking Number 0.svg Linking Number 1.svg Linking Number 2.svg Linking Number 3.svg Linking Number Example.svg Labeled Whitehead Link.svg

Image for Conjugate diameters[edit]

Conjugate Diameters.svg

Images for Point reflection[edit]

Point Reflection.png Composing Point Reflections.png

Images for The Quadrature of the Parabola[edit]

Parabolic Segment.png Parabola-and-inscribed triangle.png Parabolic Segment Dissection.png File:Quadrature Parabola Relative Sizes.png GeometricSquares.png

Images for Rose (topology)[edit]

Topological Rose.png Wedge of Two Circles.png F2 Cayley Graph.png

Images for System of linear equations[edit]

Intersecting Lines.svg One Line.svg Two Lines.svg Three Lines.svg Parallel Lines.svg Three Intersecting Lines.svg

Images for Euclidean subspace[edit]

Three Subspaces.png Basis for a Plane.PNG

Images for Row space and Column space[edit]

Matrix Rows.svg Matrix Columns.svg

Images for Morera's theorem[edit]

Morera's Theorem.png Morera's Theorem Proof.png

Images for Inverse function[edit]

Inverse Function.png Inverse Functions Domain and Range.png Composition of Inverses.png Inverse Function Graph.png Inverse Square Graph.png Inversa d'una cúbica gràfica.png Gràfica del arcsinus.png

Image for Fixed point (mathematics)[edit]

Fixed Point Graph.png

Images for geometric series[edit]

Geometric Segment.svg GeometricCircles.png Archimedes Parabola.png Koch Snowflake Triangles.png

Image for free group[edit]

Free Group Universal.svg

Images for dihedral group[edit]

Dihedral8.png Hexagon Reflections.png Labeled Triangle Reflections.svg Two Reflection Rotation.svg Pentagon Linear.png

Image for normal mode[edit]

Coupled Harmonic Oscillator.svg

Images for multiplication[edit]

Three by Four.svg Multiplication Sign.svg

Currently unused images[edit]

GeometricSegment.png Hyperbolic Free Group.png Labeled Pentagon.png Colored Bullseye.png Dihedral Relation.png Xy Circle.svg