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Love is a gift that comes unexpectedly in your darkest night and allows you to feel as free as a butterfly and as grounded as a mountain.

"We do not live in the present, rather we live in the immediate past as neither our perception nor our reactions are instantaneous vis-a-vis the stimuli." -- me

"δος μοι που στω και κινῳ την γην" -- Achimedes

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If you went back in time and killed your grandfather would you be able to go back in time and kill your grandfather?

Oh good grief (relates to the concepts only (generally)):[edit]

Modern geocentrism (As in, "in the Tychonic system, the Sun is thought to revolve around the Earth once per day, and the rest of the solar system orbits the Sun with Keplerian orbits, causing the whole solar system to wobble, with the outer planets flying out into the universe only to return to collide with the collapsed mass that was once the earth, sun and moon.")

Tired light (yawn)
Creation science (An oxymoronic concept)
Atlantis (Plato was engaging in a thought experiment -- really, he was.)
Root race (I'm waiting for the seventh epoch)
Eschatology (Believe it or not, the world will manage to exist without us.)
Flood geology (Where did all that water come from and return to again?)
Age regression in therapy (Cool concept -- in Altered States, anyway)
Water memory ("Hey, I remember water", said the old codger in 2255. And then he died. So it goes.)
Time Cube (My house clock is cubical, does that count?)
Therapeutic touch (Do ya wanna touch, do ya wanna touch, do ya wanna touch me, there?)
Blood type diet (So that's my problem: I eat too much red meat. Who knew?)
conservapoopia goes 'looney' unreal; no more sacramental wine for these guys.
Uncertainty principle -- not to the concept or principle itself -- they are fine -- but I hope that one day we'll all agree on one thing: we can never know the position or speed of a moving particle simply because it's in motion. No matter how fine a slice of either dimension (V and x/y/z), the object moved just a tad in the interim and no measurements of an object in motion can ever be instantaneous.

Articles to write/work on:[edit]

Precursor wave
USS Pennsylvania (SSBN-735)
Catalonia -- add info

Articles translated from other languages[edit]

Jean Drucker (French)
Uno di noi (television series) (Italian)
Reipertswiller (French, Catalan, Italian)
Rauville-la-Place (Catalan)
Amandine Bourgeois (French) -- upcoming
Kinding (German) -- ditto
Porreres (several) -- ditto
Ambrogio Valadè (Italian) -- ditto
Nordgau (Alsace) (fr:Nordgau (Alsace) -- create article
Çamlıdere Dam (French)
Colonia Popular (Spanish and Portuguese)
La Chapelle-Blanche, Côtes-d'Armor (various)...upcoming
Tricao Malal (Spanish) ... on the way
Prince Peter of Saxe-Coburg-Kohary (Portuguese) ... per request


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