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I am an exact contemporary of John Larroquette but I was born, raised and have lived all my life in California.

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What I Am Doing

Mainly, I am working on the pages in Category:Biography articles without listas parameter. My primary source for this value is the value of {{DEFAULTSORT}} or the equivalent value in {{lifetime}} on the article. Other sources are pipes in the category tages and usage in the article. If there is no explicit sort value on the article page, I create one in accordance with the guidelines and various naming conventions.

Back on the talk page, when I put in a value for |listas=, I also put in values for the following, if they are lacking:

  • |living=
  • |class=
  • |a&e-priority=
  • |filmbio-priority=
  • |musician-priority=
  • |military-priority=
  • |peerage-priority=
  • |politician-priority=
  • |royalty-priority=
  • |s&a-priority=
  • |sports-priority=

(The |class= and |priority= values are generally taken from other project banners.)

If there are more than two project banners I put the banners into the appropriate shell. (To be honest, I shell banners on pages I merely visit if there are more than two. This probably upsets some people.)