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4/1/10 - I’m learning how to do a little copy editing, trying to be helpful to WikipediA. Lots to learn about the WikipediA system, so I’m open to being shown, or directed. The back-and-forth I’ve observed on discussion pages seems to indicate that many posters have little regard for WikipediA’s civility policies. Helping me help is going to be the key, not attacking.

12/16/10 - Been exposed for some time, now, to WikipediA. It’s fundamentally and fatally flawed. Truth cannot be established by consensus, particularly amongst the morons who argue it on discussion pages. What I initially, charitably credited as incivility, has proven, upon further examination, to be the dregs of mankind, completely incapable of locating, let alone rubbing together two brain cells to create a cogent, rational, intelligent thought, nevertheless battling, tooth and nail, to force their imbecilic rantings on the rest of us with ridiculous edit wars and similar shenanigans.

With the lone exception of Spike Wilbury, who welcomed me and usefully responded to an inquiry of mine, all other contact I’ve had with anyone who ought to be in a position to be helpful has shown them, instead, to be pompous-assed bastards, and by their demonstrable incompetence, proven them incapable of offering leadership to an endeavor desperate for that leadership.

The sole, well-written article I read was tagged as having been plagiarized from another source.

I’ve observed a constantly recurring error either in templates or in their utilization by the uninformed which, when multiple images per section are incorporated, dump series of edit tags in the wrong places. It’s correctable. I’ve corrected some. However, the overall uselessness of the endeavor is reflective of the greater overall useless of the WikipediA model, and life is entirely too short for me to be trying to stanch the bleeding from amputations with a couple of band-aids.

1/10/11 - Been almost a month since I left a help request with Spike Wilbury. No response. He, too, has gone the way of the rest, into the crapper with WikipediA, which obviously needs and breeds morons, and has no use for stable, intelligent contributors like me. Y’oughta look at his talk page to see what it was about—another moderator-type (Tim Shuba) run amok, cramming his stupidity down all our throats, despite the consensus on the former SEG talk page. Somebody oughta cram it right back up his other end—no vaseline.

1/12/11 - Heard from Spike, and now I understand what’s going on, both with him and with WikipediA. He has my apology for thinking and saying he went in the crapper. I stand by everything else. Should anyone read this page, unaware, you may find additional information on my talk page.