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"The time is inside of us, and we are inside the time. It turns us and we turn it."[1]

The band leaders of IMARO on a meeting in the Osogovo mountain near Kyustendil in March 1903. Sitting from left to right: Panayot Baychev, Pitu Guli, Kosta Mazneykov, Hristo Chernopeev, Andrey Hristov, Todor Hristov. Standing from left to right: Nikola Zhekov, Konstantin Kondov, Sotir Atanasov, Timo Angelov, Nikola Dechev and the courier Kolyo Sarafcheto.


  1. ^ Excerpt from a letter of Vasil Levski (Jingiby) to Panayot Hitov, written on May 10, 1871.