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My articles and I have been mentioned by other people a few times:

  • Seralini affair has definitely been the most controversial article I have created, and in its early days was the subject of a thread on Wikipediocracy. And yes, that is me who posted in the thread. Other mentions of the article include at GMWatch, which called the early version (written by me, before other GMO editors discovered it) "potentially libelous" (see the press section of Talk:Seralini affair), as well as a number of tweets, such as this one, which was evidently tweeted during the 3 hour period during which the article was semi-protected.

Other mentions include:

And probably a few other forums. BTW, if you're here because you were furious about the blasphemy of the Seralini affair article and think I must have been paid by Monsanto to create it, I can assure you I am not. You can read more on this topic here.

  • Stephen Bustin has been mentioned by its subject in a tweet: [4]
  • David Gorski has been mentioned in a blog post: [5]
  • Wow. I can't believe it, but William Connolley talked about what happened when I tried to recreate Timothy Ball in one of his blog posts: [6]
  • I have also been the subject of (or at least discussed in) several other posts on Wikipediocracy. For instance, a few centered around my ill-considered edit to Jimbo's userpage in January 2014. One of these featured a poster who concluded that based on this and other evidence, I have "definitely got something on [my] mind". [7]
  • Also, apparently I "could not be a more obvious Wikipedia ass-licker. Ask [my] friend User:MastCell." [8]
  • I am also, according to EricBarbour, an "obvious Wikiproject Medicine sockpuppet". [9]
  • My draft of Judy Wood that I submitted in July 2014 was mentioned in a comment on this YouTube video, where it was described as "disinformation".
  • Also some discussion here.
  • Apparently I'm a "sea lion" (whatever that means): [10]
  • Mention by Lightbreather here.
  • Also, there is a discussion thread about me here (to which I responded).