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Greetings! Long-time Wiki-editor here, albeit a new editor to Wikipedia. I'm not planning to become a particularly big contributor here, but I'm not here to watch either. It's not the quantity of the contributions, but the quality. Although so far, I've not much more then some minor spelling fixes in my contributions.

I'm a long-time player of the Guild Wars MMORPG game, and consequently, an editor on all three of the corisponding Wikis, admin on GuildWiki. I'm also an admin on Bulbapedia (link to the left), and an editor on a few other, random wikis. Check the links to your right to find (most of) my other Wiki profiles, as well as a few other websites I'm active on.

On the subject of my skills, I'm pretty handy with CG graphics (take a look at my deviantART gallery if you've got the chance, it's on the left), as well as minor HTML and CSS coding. (hoping to get into web design or something of the like, someday.) Wiki-coding is a strength of mine as well; I have my quirks (I prefer tables over div tags, for example), but aside from that, I'm pretty handy if you have coding questions. I live near Philadelphia, so I've got access to nearby landmarks for research and trivia, in case that's ever needed.