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About Me
CMU This user attends or attended Carnegie Mellon University.
Graduation hat.svg This user is an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology.
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Hello! I'm Jenny He, and I am currently an undergraduate studying at Carnegie Mellon University. I am double-majoring in Psychology and Human-computer interaction, and minoring in business administration.


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Current location Pittsburgh, PA, 15213
Education and employment
Occupation Student
Education Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction, minor in Business Administration

Carnegie Mellon University
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I first got involved with Wikipedia through a class assignment that involved editing a psychology-related stub article half a year ago. Since then, I've expanded my job description to patrolling and reviewing new articles. At the moment, I am also involved with doing research on Wikipedia. I haven't been around Wikipedia for that long, so feel free to give me any comments or advice!

Research on Wikipedia[edit]

I am a research assistant at the social computing lab of Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute. This research is headed by Robert E. Kraut and Niki Kittur, who conduct research on how Wikipedia operates and what makes it successful. We are conducting a study on the effects of feedback in Wikipedia, with the goal of finding ways to increase the quantity and quality of contributions to Wikipedia. To this end, I've been reading newly created articles to see what type of feedback they deserve. Sometimes I provide it or sometimes give no feedback. To do so, I will be posting messages to user talk pages signed with my username Jipinghe.

If you have received a message from me, please understand that the content of the messages are genuine. I hope you find the feedback valuable, but because I'm kind of new here, sometimes I may not get it right. I also hope that the knowledge gained from our research will lead to ways to make Wikipedia more successful.

However, should you feel uncomfortable being part of our experiment, send me a note on my user talk page to let me know that you don’t want any additional communication with us—-we will not send any more messages to you as a researcher, and we will discard any data from you as well.

In order to confirm that our research will not raise any ethical concerns, we have submitted our research proposals to the Village Pump and to the Wikipedia Foundation to seek feedback and approval from the Wikipedia Research Committee. Our proposal has received unanimous approval from the Research Committee.

If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns, you may contact the head investigators via email.


Robert E. Kraut, Robertekraut,

Aniket Kittur, Nkittur,

Haiyi Zhu, haiyizhu,

Jenny He, jipinghe,

Amy Zhang, Amyxz,