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This bot performs the following task:

It used to archive Wikipedia:Articles for Creation daily, but this is no longer necessary.

The bot is uses the Python Wikipediabot Framework.

WikiProject Mathematics[edit]

Every day, around 1:30 UTC, the bot updates the following subpages of the mathematics wikiproject:

  1. Wikipedia:WikiProject Mathematics/Current activity, containing the new mathematics articles for that day, requested articles and images, articles nominated for deletion, etc.
  2. Wikipedia:Pages needing attention/Mathematics/Lists, containing all mathematics articles which have a cleanup template slapped on them.
  3. Wikipedia:WikiProject Mathematics/Count, containing the number of all mathematics articles

This relies on the work of User:Mathbot, who lists all the mathematics articles.

These diffs illustrate the edits made: …/Current activity, …/Lists, …/Count.

The script can be found at / .