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Hi there, I'm John Elliot, also variously known, among other things, as jj5. I've been meaning to contribute much more to Wikipedia than I ever have. I blame my lack of contribution on me not knowing much about anything. :) I think the Wikipedia project is one of the most important things happening in contemporary reality. I'm a computer programmer, and I have aspirations of contributing to the MediaWiki software that drives Wikipedia (and other wikis) through my Pcwiki project at ProgClub (the Programmers' Club). My first attempt at contributing to the MediaWiki software was to introduce extended section links -- these are the 'link' and 'top' links you can see on each section in the ProgClub wiki -- and the valid HTML5 badge also available on the ProgClub wiki (it's down the bottom of every page next to the MediaWiki badge). I haven't been able to convince the powers that be that these are useful modifications to the software, however. So don't be too surprised if they don't make it into the official MediaWiki distribution. That's a shame, I think, because I find these features very useful and use them all the time on the ProgClub wiki.